Seamore Sports on AIH201416 Again

Last night, I had the distinct honor of being invited back to talk about the Capitals’ unfortunate end to their season as well as some other NHL draft notes with the awesome folks who run the AIH201416 podcast. The whole episode itself is worth a listen as they discussed everything from ham to the Western Conference Finals and just how good Victor Headman(Did someone say team MVP?) is. Listen to this podcast on Itunes and give it a good rating, Philip and Alan are two of the most down-to-earth hockey analysts I have talked to

While they are proud Jets fans, they talk hockey on both podcasts objectively and without bias. Give these guys a listen… your hockey mind will thank you.

Here is the link: Seamore sports is on last but the whole podcast is worth a listen:

Also here is the Arctic Ice Hockey Post regarding this podcast:

Final PS: Congrats to Philip Iver for being named managing editor of Arctic Ice Hockey. Fans of all 30 NHL teams, and hockey fans in general should give it a read.


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