Potential to Trade-Toronto

This brief series will focus on which teams picking in the top ten might look to trade. These teams could look to trade up or down.


Ok, the only reason that Toronto would trade rights to Auston Matthews is if it was overwhelmed with an offer. The only team that may trade for him is Arizona, who is desperate to boost sagging attendance. Matthews would accomplish this quite nicely.If Toronto could get two first rounders and two top line or defense pairing players,then it should be considered.

The Coyotes would be making this deal to sure up attendance numbers by bringing Matthews to town. Auston would compliment the pieces the Coyotes have right now and make them playoff ready now.The only piece the team would be missing is a top flight goaltender.

If Matthews goes to Toronto,he will have to wait to compete in the playoffs for at least two years. The Leafs franchise has a ton of top prospect talent throughout its system headlined by Mitch Marner and William Nylander. Until those prospects consistently prove themselves in the NHL, there will be some questions regardless of the talent of those prospects. If Toronto forces Arizona  to give up more players than a first line forward and top pair defenseman then it should do this deal in a heartbeat. Two top picks plus two stars now are all worth more than Auston Matthews would be.

The Arizona forward plays an outstanding two way game and does a great job playing defense,however he still has a jump to make from the Swiss League to the NHL. We expect him to about 20 games into the season. Matthews may not win the Calder but he will help whatever team he is on immensely next year. We think Auston will have a better season with the Coyotes than with the Leafs due to the supporting cast he would have in Arizona. Even if the Leafs sign Steven Stamkos which is far from guaranteed, there is no guarantee that the other Leafs prospects will have the necessary seasons to make the playoffs. Arizona came closer to it than the Leafs.

Reference to Reporter Jimmy Murray who broke this rumor



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