Three Thoughts: Men’s Hockey


Three thoughts going into this weekend.

  • Defense: Last weekend UND had a hard time handling rebounds. This is normally where there are no breakdowns in communication and I feel like the team could not get it together. C. Johnson had a hard time as well. He looked stiff and unfocused. Hopefully, with the loss of the UMD series, the pressure is off and they can get back to playing UND hockey.


  • Special Teams: Friday night (10/28), UMD had five penalties. UND had one ppg, with how good the conference is this season they have to be able to take advantage of the power play. I this also comes down to communication breakdown. They have to stop taking stupid penalties as well.


  • Puck handling: Many times UND had the puck and it was picked off. They had bad passes and lost the puck at the blue line a lot. This is also a breakdown in communication. UND has to get back to playing their game.


Following a tough loss at Duluth, last weekend the UND Fighting Hawks will be taking on the University of Minnesota, Gophers. Overall, most things could be fixed by working on communication. Maybe it was just first series on the road and the team will be able to settle back into the grove of things.

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