The Home of the Underdog: We have only just begun

(Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography)

Tonight, the Chargers of Alabama Huntsville take the ice for their first home game of the 2020-2021 season. We have spent over a year covering these Chargers, and have, from our post in Fargo, used our time and talent to promote the superb effort brought about to save this program, and their efforts to move forward to a new conference home. Today, we still cover the Chargers as an independent outlet for two reasons. First, this team is full of unheralded players, many of whom did not have a division one offer before this past June. Second, not many media outlets with a bigger distribution take the time to cover stories relating to the Chargers, so we have been and will continue to do so.

The Chargers are a big part of what we cover, but as you have seen, we are covering more teams in college hockey than in the past.


Well, as you see from our last article when we wrote about independent journalism, not many folks were on hand to cover AIC, nor really focused on them before their win over St. Cloud State. That is where we come in.

We endeavor to cover as many college-hockey, and college hockey adjacent stories (alums in pro leagues, recruits, and more) as can two people with full time jobs and an active two year old son can do while putting out the best quality of work we can do.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that we will be checking in with as many teams as we can in college hockey this year to chat with players and coaches to do two things. First, as always, we will write independent stories about them, as we always have. Second, this research this year, and beyond will help us contribute to something new and unique. We plan on writing up a guide on (approximately) the top 100 college undrafted free agents, spread out over a period of two months. Each player on our list will have their article written and published as soon as we can for when their season ends.

Why would we do this?

Well, this is an extension of our work, reporting on underdogs and their successes. We, of course will have more stories on as many players and teams as we can, and release information on some candiates to sign contracts professionally in North America as each team’s season ends. This way, fans of the game we all love can read about where not just the players most likely to land on an NHL roster the following year will go, but where players like Aaron Dell (had we been writing when he left UND) will go to. Our list will be complied based on interviews with players and coaches regarding their strengths and ability to play professionally at any level. Any ranking will be done based on potential to ascend to the NHL within five years of leaving.

What about your other sports that you have covered?

Well, we still may write about them from time to time, odds are, if a good college sports game from two teams is on, we may be watching it, and if its near us, we could go to it. When Mississippi Valley State came to face UND, they had not a single writer there to cover them, so we stepped up to let the Delta Devils tell their side of the story. For all of the underdogs in college sports, we hope to be able to tell as many stories as possible, as our time allows us to do.

How can you help?

There are four ways to support us, first off, read our work and leave us honest feedback. When a team we cover does not do well, we will so state this truth, and we aim to be independent. Feedback on our work is always welcome. Also, if you like our work, do not hesitate to share it. Any time our work is amongst a wider audience, our views skyrocket, and it gives us more ideas to cover different topics on different teams.

Third, if you are so inclined donate at the link: click here, as funding helps us upgrade our equipment, and allows us to pursue more stories and grow our network. More importantly, a donation makes you a part of the Seamore Sports Family. If you own a business or want to sponsor us send us a direct message on twitter, or email us at We will work with you to negotiate a rate and a target audience for stories and photos that you may want sponsored, and provide any metrics you need to justify your decision. We have had our best month since starting this site because we have written different stories almost every day about things across the college hockey landscape, and do not plan to stop.


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