Bryant Christian: Relationship Builder

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When picking where to play his college hockey, the pinnacle of his goals in playing the sport he has nearly as a native Minnesotan, Moorhead native Bryant Christian said of his choice to play for American International College (AIC) that, “I wanted to be a part of some type of movement.”  

Christian wanted to be a part of something greater than himself and expand his network beyond hockey. He also said that of AIC when he committed there “no one knew about them.” In hockey and in life, Christian is about building relationships and working with people to make things better, along with unifying people. That was evident in his hockey career that culminated as a captain of AIC, and in his post-hockey career as a Financial Advisor, running his own Edward Jones firm in Moorhead. In addition to his day job, that AIC prepared him for with his major in Accounting, he helps with all levels of hockey in Moorhead up to the middle school level.

When it comes to the impact that Bryant Christian has had on American International College Hockey, we will let his coach for his last two seasons Eric Lang explain how his impact resonates today first.

Lang says the following:

“Bryant Christian playing in his last playoff game on a broken leg had been the foundation poured for our program. He wanted to wear that sweater one more time, immediately instilling a long lost pride that our program so desperately needed. [He is] an inspirational leader who immediately bought into what we trying to accomplish. When I think of our success we have had it would have never been achieved without Bryant”

Lang knew Bryant well before he became his coach in Bryant’s junior year as a Yellow Jacket. During his time as an assistant at Army West Point, he nearly got Bryant to come be a Cadet. One of Bryant’s proudest moment’s as a Yellow Jacket actually came with Lang on the other bench. As a sophomore, he scored an overtime winner to extend AIC’s season in game two of a first round series against the Cadets. It was the first win AIC earned in the postseason since Atlantic Hockey went to a series format across all rounds before the final weekend. As Christian put it regarding Lang that evening, “he should remember that I scored that goal.”

A few weeks later, Lang would take the AIC job, and set the foundation for the program’s success with Christian at its base. Throughout his time at AIC and beyond, Christian has shown that he, like Lang believes strongly in relationship building. He praised Lang’s ability not to just coach hockey, but coach. Of bringing people together, he compares Lang’s abilities in that regard to something like what Vince Lombardi was able to do in unifying a group for a common cause. In addition, he praised Lang’s relationship with alums across the world saying that on program building, his dedication to all AIC Hockey alums around the world is the best thing this program has. Christian is a part of the ever growing AIC Family Lang is building.

Christian also took time to praise Seth Dussault, Coordinator of Athletics Communications. For those not aware, Seth is the lead broadcaster for AIC, and the sole media contact on staff for all of its sports. AIC does not have its story told as well as it does without Seth’s consistent hard work. Of his effort, Christian said that ” “I don’t know if he ever sleeps, and AIC is fortunate to have him.”

The community of AIC, Moorhead, and everywhere else Christian chooses to go with his wife, who he first met in high school, and married in June after his graduation, are all better for having Christian in it. Christian’s wife is an incredibly important member of the Fargo-Moorhead community as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse. Furthermore, Christian’s ability to build relationships is key in the ever-complex world of financial advising, and it allows him to have conversations and further work with people all around the world.

Fundamentally, Bryant Christian’s professional career, and the relationships he has made and continues to foster to this day are all examples of the benefits of the great sport of College Hockey extending far beyond the ice. Christian lived his dream of playing this game, and now he is giving back to up-and-coming players in his hometown while helping his growing base of clients better manage their money to ensure they can all live their dreams as well.

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