Trevin Kozlowski: Consistent competitor, student, and leader




Photo Credit: Army West Point Athletics

“If I wasn’t playing hockey anywhere Id be going to a community college
in my hometown,”- Army West Point Goaltender Trevin Kozlowski

Trevin Kozlowski knows the value of hockey to him. With it he has made friends across multiple countries, and had unique experiences that most people could only hope for. He is a Mike Richter Award nominee and winner of multiple other awards playing for Brian Riley. In addition, his consistent banter with Colin Bilek, and ability to be a coach on the ice for the Black Knights is part of why this Army West Point team, with some wins in the postseason, could earn an at-large bid this season. The leadership of Kozlowski is also a reason why Army is 10-0-1 in their last 11 games. If that happened, Trevin would be the first ever Army West Point goaltender to start in the NCAA Tournament. 

Growing up, Trevin was a skater before switching to goaltender full time when he was eight. He grew up in Valencia, California, and had the good fortune of being able to play hockey mere minutes from his house at a local rink. That moment to become a goaltender came as he volunteered to be the backup for his team, saying, “I saw all the cool pads watching the NHL guys when I was a kid”, as an initial reason why. When his coach asked for a volunteer, ” my hand shot up.” He took to the position, and the rest was history there.

When Trevin was looking for a college to go to, a few years later as he worked his way up the junior hockey ranks, a conversation with former assistant Eric Lang, and current assistant Zach McKelvie helped him make his choice. The trio met at the Dunkin Donuts right next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The pair noted the post-hockey value of having Army West Point on his resume. The school’s prestige, reputation for developing leaders, and history were all big parts of Trevin’s choice to head to West Point. His hard work and consistency as a leader, both for Riley’s team, in the Corps of Cadets, and beyond as a Second Lieutenant in the Army will set him up to do what he wants. Hockey may have gotten him to West Point, but Trevin’s hard work and consistency as a developing leader is what will get him to graduation and set him up to lead American Soldiers.

As Lang (now the Head Coach at AIC) said of Trevin’s progress ” he is a winner,[with a] great outgoing personality, not surprised at all at how good he’s been.”

Today, as a Firstie (senior), he is a consistent competitor that strives for perfection. There is someone Kozlowski watches daily to get better. Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson. Like Trevin, he plays a technically sound and smooth game, that lends itself well to keeping things calm through an efficiency of motion. He will watch him live when possible, and if not live, will make time in his packed daily schedule to watch Gibson highlights. Being technically sound in net, and able to limit bad rebounds is a hallmark of both of their games.

Kozlowski and his long time friend, teammate, and competitor Colin Bilek, have the chance to help the Black Knights punch their ticket to the Atlantic Hockey Semifinals as they take on Sacred Heart University at Tate Rink in a three game series next weekend.

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