The Generals make a series of moves to prepare for 2021-22 Campaign: Read More

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Ever since Matt Dibble took over the General Manager spot for the Northeast Generals, he has made the needed moves to improve the club. With the defense a priority, he made a series of moves yesterday to give some of the veterans of this club with less time in junior hockey left a chance to play, while improving the group in Attleboro this upcoming season.

Hear from Dibble on the players leaving Attleboro

“Trading away Matt Yeager, Dalton Wright, and John Musella was not easy. John is a long time general. Matt and Dalton are from Western NY like myself and I have known them both for years. Ultimately, it was about putting the kid before the team in these deals. Matt and John will head to Corpus Christi, where I am familiar with the group running the team and fully trust that they will give them the fresh start they need. Dalton heads to Springfield where he was originally drafted a couple years ago with a great coaching staff.

We want to thank all 3 of these young men for there efforts and loyalty with the Generals. With moving players away, we are happy to pick up assets in return to help continue building our roster for the 21-22 season as we set our goal on winning the east division and competing for the Robertson Cup.”

Head Coach Bryan Erikson added more saying ” John and Matt were great Generals. John has been here for 2 years starting with our U18 NAPHL team. Just a great kid. He was in a numbers crunch up front this past year and did a great job playing D (a position he never had played) filling in for some guys we lost to injury. As an 01 we wanted to give him a chance to be in the lineup everyday as a Forward and with Corpus coming back after being dormant it made sense to move him to a team with a lot of openings where he could be a leader and get the ice time he deserves! Matty Yeager has shown outstanding improvement. We asked a lot of him and he listened and worked very hard. I think with his size and his grit he will be able to find a ton of success in that heavy south division. Just an awesome kid who is great off the ice and an asset on the ice.”

The group aquired Air Force Academy commit Joe Schubert as a do it all center. As Dibble explains

” Joe Schubert is a kid I tendered while I was in NJ, and we tried to get at the deadline this year. We are super excited to get him. He comes from a military family where is dad was a colonel in the US Air Force. Joe will follow that path through playing at Air Force. We think Joe is a guy that can play in a lot of different spots in the lineup and are excited to get him to Attleboro.”

Finally the team added a big defender, as Dibble explained

” Martin Marnauzs is a kid who became available after struggling to see the lineup as much as he wanted in Lonestar, as they had a very strong blue line. When he became available, a couple of the guys on the team who knew him were able to vouch for his character and work ethic. This off season upgrading our blue line has been a priority and I think this move continues to do that. I am very excited about Marty adding to what should be a very competitive defensive core.”

Dibble and Head Coach Bryan Erikson believe strongly in finding the right fit for players and recruiting players that meet the mold of what a General is. Both got two more players that meet those requirements yesterday that will chip in right now in the upcoming season. In addition, they gave players in danger of not playing a lot in their final junior hockey seasons a chance to earn more ice time and secure a better future elsewhere.

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