Liam McCanney to Stevenson: Read what he brings to the Mustangs

Photo Credit: Northeast Generals

When you look at the 2000 birth year players of the Northeast Generals you see a lot of common traits among them. Common among all of them is the amount of honesty and levity they bring to any group they play for. Liam McCanney is no exception. The power forward always brings a sense of leadership and a physical game, and that is no doubt part of the many reasons why the Mustangs offered him a spot on their team, one of the up and coming squads in Division Three.

In a year where hundreds remain in the transfer portal, one program folding for good (Robert Morris…. we hope this is reversed), and one program on suspension pending conference acceptance (Alabama Huntsville), and a glut of players taking their allowed extra year of eligibility afforded to them for playing in in the 2020-2021 campaign, the Mustangs are getting a Division One caliber player to join them.

As Head Coach Bryan Erikson said ” Liam is the D3 steal of the year. He is the poster boy for kids that got looked over or pushed out because of the 5th year, the portal and teams folding. But it’s a great school and opportunity. I have a great relationship with Coach Dawes and Coach Peffall. 2 great guys that do an awesome job. They are a good team so I never want to assume anything but I full expect Liam to be a top producer on Day 1. Just a great hockey player who is also an amazing kid. But when we look at programs to help our kids Stevenson is on a short list of programs we love. ”

Erikson added in the press release about McCanney’s commitment to attend Stevenson:

” But this is not a simple backup plan.  This is a tremendous opportunity for Liam to go to a great school that has a great hockey program led by 2 men that will get a ton out of Liam.  They do things the right way.  Our former goalie Marko Sturma is there and just loves it.  It’s a great school that will allow Liam to continue to play high level hockey and get a great education.  I am really proud of and happy for Liam.  I am going to miss him.”

The Mustangs will be a tough lineup to earn playing time in for McCanney, but his game should transfer well right away in an environment poised to help him develop on and off the ice.

As of now, the Generals have one 2000 born player yet to commit, Jonathan Young. The two way forward looks to have options at the Division One and Division Three levels, and hopefully soon Erikson can have helped find a home for all of his 2000 birth year players.

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