Ryan Corcoran is the Generals’ Final Tender: Read More

For their final tender slot, General Manager of the Northeast Generals, Matt Dibble did not have to look too far from Attleboro to find the next General for the 2021-2022 group. He got playmaking forward from the USPHL-NCDC level Boston Advantage, Ryan Corcoran to sign with them for this season. Corcoran does not have to go far from home as he is a Duxbury native, only about 42.8 miles away from where he will be playing his home games this season.

Corcoran brings a lot to the group:

As Head Coach Bryan Erikson said ” Ryan Corcoran is a very good 200 foot player that has continued to develop. The NCDC is a very good Tier 3 league and does a decent job of developing players. There is still an adjustment when a player moves from Tier 3 to Tier 2 in the NAHL but we are confident that Ryan is ready. He has been on our radar for a few years, he’s a local kid and has had a ton of Division 1 interest from some Ivy League schools and other high end academic institutions. Ryan plays with great pace, see’s the ice well and is very responsible in the defensive zone. Great kid that we are excited to bring into the Generals Family.”

Corcoran is well known to the Generals, as Erikson went on to explain all of the traits he has and why he is the last tender, on Corcoran he added that.

“Corcoran a player that we have watched for several years. We wanted a Center that can play up the lineup and also be responsible in the D zone. And Ryan is that. He is great in the dot, great in the D zone and has a ton of offensive skill. Just a great guy to plug anywhere in the lineup with the confidence that he will produce good numbers.”

The Generals have another pivot forward that can win a large amount of draws, and will also be another veteran voice in the room, ready to help a group with a lot of returners push towards the playoffs this season. It was a smart choice for this group to add a player with Ivy League schools interested in him so late in the tender process, and Corcoran has shown the ability to add presence in all three zones. His ability to play a utility forward role in the lineup could serve as a unifying force for the Generals this year, and will give him a great platform to play in front of Division One teams nightly. All of the tenders for the Generals have immediate upside to help the team, and adress needs created by players moving on to the college game.

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