Dan Wildfong: Leading the Brahmas with details

Hear from AIC Hockey Head Coach Eric Lang on what Lone Star Brahmas Head Coach Dan Wildfong means to College Hockey.

“He is an amazing advocate for his players and if you look at his track record his players are unbelievably successful collegiate hockey players.” Wildfong has developed pro hockey stars, sent players to college hockey and helped prepare them by focusing on details , as Lang went on to say. He noted what he gets when he gets a Wildfong developed player

“They are college ready. He coaches his players hard, has high standards, and has them college ready when they show up on campus.”

As to Wildfong, he has built his program around character and players that strive to learn the details and systems needed to get to the next level. He looks for players with the same competitive drive he had in his decades playing professional hockey.

Off the ice, Wildfong looks for players that understand the value of character and service. The concept is driven home as every week he looks for all of his players to get significant community service time. One phrase that comes out of this is the concept of “petty problems.” That is, Wildfong and his staff make a point to get his players visiting places like local children’s hospitals and shelters in order to put things in a bit of perspective. When the team has adversity on the ice and the staff needs to reel things back in, the phrase petty problems is used a lot. The visits provide the team with a chance to serve the community, and keep things in perspective, both things incredibly valuable in this game.

Wildfong also has built a community of graduates that have gone on to play Division One Hockey for coaches like Lang. One of the transfers for AIC, Alec Calvaruso, helped Wildfong win a Robertson Cup, and Wildfong helped him find a new home.

That is just one example of the many positive relationships Wildfong has built. He noted to look beyond top line numbers for some of his alums as they head to the Division One level. Because of how much good will he has built up in this small hockey world, he knows who to lean on when one of his players need help, or when a player needs to be moved to a place that is a better fit for them.

Looking ahead to the season, Wildfong has a tough team ready to compete for everything. As he said, when asked what he would like a new fan to know about his team. ” We will give you everything we’ve got for 60 minutes or more.” Wildfong’s group opens up at the NAHL Showcase in Blaine this week, where everyone of their players will be seen by Division One scouts from every school, the NHL, and more.

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