Chris Dodero: Developing a business and career with his hockey development

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

AIC fifth year senior Chris Dodero has taken a path to leading the back to back to back Atlantic Hockey Champions that was on the road less traveled. That is, he has gone from routine healthy scratch as a freshman to a complete two way forward with pro ambitions. He has also used the development tools he has gained to start helping others. He does this through his hockey consulting business, Prodero Hockey.

Dodero took his reality of not playing a lot as a freshman and looked to skills. He said that “I was thinking, how can I improve myself and how can I get better?”

The name Prodero came just from being around the team and Dodero’s initial work, his teamates made the nickname, and Dodero ran with it. The goal of Prodero Hockey is to help all players maximize their potential. In addition, the sessions are customized to meet the needs of each client and include things like video breakdown of NHL players’ high end skills in part to give players a model for what Dodero wants to do.

Dodero loves the AIC program, and loves the opportunity he has built. His Head Coach Eric Lang knows Dodero can be a NHL skills coach, and Dodero sees that in his future. For now, he wants to play the sport he loves for as long as he can. Lang’s program and its structure gives time for players to develop at their own speed, and Dodero is racing ahead as he is excited to see fans back in buildings.

As he said of having fans back ” It’ll mean everythng.” Of the culture Lang has built at AIC Dodero was similarlly effusive with praise “We don’t have the amount of resources that early every other Division One College Team has but at the end of the day we find a way to get the job done.. we’re kind of a family, thats the culture we have here.” Dodero hopes to come back as a graduate to an on campus rink one day in the distant future as well. He also had so many positive things to say about all of his teammates, both returning and new that we could not discuss all of them in this interview.

The AIC culture extends to its leader on the media side, Seth Dussault, he wears many hats but is the play-by-play broadcaster and key media contact who always serves as a valuable resource to those looking to learn more about the Yellow Jackets. Dodero shared a story showing what an ” elite human” Seth is. In Arizona at an In-N-Out Out Burger, someone accidentally grabbded two and he made sure the rest of the team had one, at the end of a road trip, giving up the elusive treat (for those who do not know, In-N-Out is a regional delicacy with a worldwide following, they do not have any restaurants in or near Massachusetts, but have them all over the Western United States.) Like Dodero in putting the team first with developing his game to get more playing time, Seth put the needs of the players ahead of his own.

As for Chris, he spends all of his free time “growing the brand” that is Prodero, and he launched this business during the middle of the pandemic. He is excited for the year ahead.

In addition, for a great resource to better understand the game, whether you are a player looking to get better, a fan looking to understand how your favorite NHL player does what they do, or anyone who likes just watching clean hockey skills and drills, we would strongly reccomend that you give his business page on Instagram a look and a follow if you are so inclined.

Here is the link to his page:

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