AIC fights hard, earns a single point in 2-1 OT Loss

Photo Credit: Matthew Wiernasz

Today, despite an even battle with the Bentley Falcons, where a Brett Callahan goal tied things up for AIC in the second period, it proved to not be enough. Again , in the three on three extra session AIC was knocked off, this time by the Falcons. On the weekend Head Coach Eric Lang’s group has earned four of six possible points ahead of a key series against Canisius next weekend. Despite giving up one five on five goal in 120 minutes in regulation, Lang’s team only gets four points on the weekend.

Lang was happy with his team, saying “ We played a very strong game. Two teams competing for every inch of the ice. It had a playoff type feel to it.” He praised the continuous “ business like” system his team has played with throughout the year for being on display today. Lang was proud of his group as he and his staff “complimented our team on their compete and effort. I really liked how we played to be honest.”

Lang is believing in the process for the team and has from today “no concerns. Our guys played a good game. So did Bentley. This tricked up 3v3 OT is good for the NHL but bad to decide the outcomes of a shortened college season. This is no slight on Bentley. They deserved the extra point.”

Lang is confident in his team going forward as he said “we have a lot of guys that have won a lot of hockey games the last 3 seasons. I see the same characteristics in our group this year. I’m not wavering off the fact that we are 3-4-5 this season with 4 tricked up gimmick loses.
No slight to Bentley they are a very good team and deservedly earned the extra point tonight.”

Lang wanted to make a point on three on three hockey at the college level as he is not happy with it at all.

He said “this tricked up gimmick 3v3 hockey is a disgrace. Some teams will lose a league title or home ice advantage because of this. It’s summer hockey, pick up league type stuff.Let me know when college football goes to 7v7, or basketball goes to 3v3, or even soccer goes to 6v6 to decide an outcome. It works in the NHL over 82 games. It doesn’t work in a 26 game sample size. It may sound like sour grapes we have lost 4 games in OT this year. I voted against it. We are always trying to find ways to reinvent the greatest game in the world. Sometimes a hard fought tie 1-1 is a great thing. The ice was hard to find. Two teams competing for every inch of the ice, than all of a sudden the game shifts to men’s adult league hockey. It has to big of an outcome. 3-4-5 looks a lot better than 3-8-1.”

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