Northeast Generals Player Profile: Paul Minnehan

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

If you look at the leaders of the Northeast Generals, one player immediately stands out. He is the one at the center of the action often in top line minutes for Head Coach Bryan Erikson’s group. This forward has a nose for the net, and makes those around him better. He is also one of the key pickups General Manager Matt Dibble made last year that is still paying a big dividend for this group now.

Paul Minnehan, Arizona State commit, is that player. In five less games with the Generals this year compared to last, he has already doubled his goals output ( 10 to 5 from a year ago) and has helped this group stay in the playoff race early on as well. He models his game after Trevor Zegras. Both are small forwards with big offensive ability and who can defend as well.

Here is what Erikson likes about him “ Minnehan is a great player. A top 5 player in the entire league. Matt Dibble made a great trade to bring him in last year and Paul is this tall lanky player that is starting to fill out. He never shies away from contact and has worked to improve his ability with the puck in traffic. And he can score. He shoots the puck a lot and it is a very accurate shot. But the best part about Paul’s game on the ice is his ability to play a full 200 feet. He plays PP, PK, 5 on 3, big D zone faceoffs, big D zone possessions. I trust him in all situations. And credit to Paul for buying in to what we are doing and the development plan. Off the ice he is just a great kid. Has a bit of fire in him which I love, but he loves the game and being at the rink. Not a lot of 03’s wearing a letter so I think that shows a lot about what I think of him as a person on and off the ice. The boys respect him. They respect his game but they respect his voice which is very important for a team with only 4 2001’s.”

Player profile answers

Who do you look up to most in your life and why?

“My parents because they have always pushed me to be my best.”

What is your favorite video game or thing to do in your spare time?

“Call of duty”

Tell us about the type of player you are

“Playmaker, always look for the open guy for them to shoot”

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