Mercyhurst does a lot of good in 4-3 loss to Bentley: Read more

Mercyhuets Head Coach Rick Gotkin had a lot to say after his group lost 4-3 to Bentley

He praised Cade Townends effort. “ It says a couple things to me, we scored three goals and a defenseman got two of them.. we need to get some more goals from some of our forwards. We’re giving up too many goals and that’s not a secret. We clearly have to cut down on our goals against. We have to generate a little more five on five.”

“ I give our guys credit, they plugged away and where able to get some stuff going, but it was too little too late.” He thought his team had more urgency

Captain Pierce Crawford addressed the issues after the game with the team. Gotkin is not opposed to taking away ice time from players if needed to go forward. As to getting back players he praised Dante Sheriff for his strong skating. He expects more from his team moving forward. Gotkin will make the needed changes to his lineup.

Gotkin praised Hank Johnson’s effort in net and called his stats “ a little bit distorted” given who the Lakers have played. Gotkin’s group needs to better at getting depth scoring this year.

“We just got in really bad penalty trouble.” Falcons scored at the end of their 5-3 to make it 3-1, then added another. Mercyhurst’s discipline is what did them in tonight.

On the night Gotkin said “We were chasing the game in the third period. I felt we were right there in the third period, and our penalties came at the worst time.”Gotkin knows that Bentley is a strong team and capalable of a lot. For his group to earn points they have to stay out of the penalty box and make Bentley defend.

The Lakers did a lot right but need a complete passenger free game from their group in the series finale.


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