Northeast Generals Player Profile: Nicholas Wracker

For leadership, you need a solid group of players in any sport but especially so for hockey. Nick Wracker provides all of that for the NA3HL Northeast Generals, and his consistent play is a big part of why this franchise made the Fraser Cup last year, and is 16-0 to start this season. The two year captain wanted to come back for one more year of junior hockey to get better and he has done that, leading this team to great heights so far in the 21-22 campaign.

Assistant NA3HL Coach, and NA3HL General Manager Bryan Erikson was over the moon about Wracker’s contributions to the group the past two seasons.

He said “ Nick is in his 2nd year as Captain for the NA3 team and last year helped lead us to the Fraser Cup Finals and this year has helped us to the best start in franchise history! His work ethic is second to none as is his compete day in and day out. He is a great leader that shows his teammates the right way to play. He had several NCAA D3 offers after last season but chose to come back for one more year to mature his game. He has gotten off to a slow start offensively but has been great in all the gritty areas: corners, walls, PK. He is going to help a program in a big way next year.”

His Head Coach Daryl Locke added “ What I like about Nick Wracker is his willingness to compete everyday. He sets the tone for all of our younger players with his incredible work ethic. He’s always looking to improve his game and bring it to the next level. This is his third year here and second year as captain. He’s a 200 foot player who can grind the opposing teams defense down with his tenacious forecheck. His greatest asset is his leadership and willingness to do anything to help the team win. He scored twenty goals for us last year and I’m expecting him to surpass that number this season. He had some D3 interest last year and I’m expecting more schools will have him on their radar this season.”

Player Questions and Answers

Why did you decide to play hockey

“When I was three I went to watch an ECHL game and was completely mesmerized by the pace and intensity that I had to try it out for myself.”

What is your favorite food and why?

“I love all foods, because any food cooked the right way could be the best meal you’ve ever had.”

What is your favorite thing about the Generals?

“The atmosphere, it doesn’t matter what team you play for or how old you are you are welcomed in like you are family, because you are.”

Where are you from ?

“Columbia, South Carolina”

What is your favorite subject and why?

“Economics probably because I was so fascinated with the way that money flowed in the US as well as they way that different countries set up their currencies. Really all of it was super interesting to me. “

Tell us about the type of player you are

“ I play a hard 200 foot game, battling in the corners and have knack for the front of the net. I am always the hardest worker in the room and am willing do for whatever it takes for the success of the team.”

Which NHL player past or present do you model your game after?

“Jonathan Toews”

What is your best hockey memory?

“Winning the NA3HL East Division Championship last year.”

What are your goals on and off the ice this year?

“On the ice would definitely be to win a Fraser Cup Championship, and off the ice it would have to be to make an NCAA commitment.”

What is your favorite tv show or movie to watch?

“I honestly don’t watch much tv, I would more prefer to read a book.”

Tell us one unique thing about you off the ice.

“I work as a strength coach at local gym here in Attleboro.”

What is your favorite place to go around the rink in Attleboro?

“I love to go hiking on the trails here in Attleboro.”

What is your favorite video game or thing to do in your spare time?

“I love to read and try to educate myself on many different subjects.”

Who do you look up to most in your life and why?

“My grandfather because he always keeps a positive attitude towards everything and keeps his faith at the center of his life.”


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