Northeast Generals Player Profile: Steven Ardagna

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

General Manager of the Northeast Generals, Matt Dibble, knows how to build teams. He is the architect behind the wildly successful Roc City Elite summer hockey program that produces championship teams what seems like every summer. He also helped assemble two national champions at the USPHL level last year as Scouting Director for the Charlotte Rush. Since coming to lead as the General Manager for the Northeast Generals he has made a series of moves that have helped this team find itself in a playoff spot with a large swath of players that have played for Dibble elsewhere. One of those players is Steven Ardagna.

Of the steady defender, Dibble said “

Steven provides a steady veteran presence to a young blue line. He is one of our more consistent players. Steven has been great defensively and on the PK, hopefully he continues to build on the early season success he has had. He is a leader on and off the ice. We as a staff (and I believe his teammates as well) have a ton of respect for the hard work Steven puts in ever day. I think he will make a very good college player for the next 4 years.

I have known Steven through Roc City Elite, he has played for us for few years. This summer, he made a decision to come to Main Camp and made the team as a free agent. He was a guy that I think we had on the “bubble” during camp, and was one of those split decisions in the scout room. We ultimately made the right call with him playing as well as he has.

Interestingly enough…during main camp we accidentally left his name off the allstar rosters. We are thankful we caught that mistake before Steven headed home.”

Ardagna is a steady defensive defender that is on radars across college hockey. He won’t get on any more for the goals he scores, but he has interest for how he plays the game, and the goals he prevents in his shutdown defender role.

Player Questions and Answers

Why did you decide to play hockey

“Hockey runs in my family so I just wanted to keep it running and I loved it once I started playing.”

What is your favorite food and why?

“Number 1 meal with a D pep, and 5 nugs from Chick-fil-A. Or YiaYia’s beef tips and rice”

What is your favorite thing about the Generals?

“The boys”

Where are you from ?

“Atlanta Georgia”

What is your favorite subject and why?

“History because it’s interesting learning what happened in the past.”

Tell us about the type of player you are

“ A offensive d man that can also play good defense.”

Which NHL player past or present do you model your game after?

“Charlie McAvoy”

What are your goals on and off the ice this year? Develop as a person and playerWhat is your favorite tv show or movie to watch? Sons of anarchy

Tell us one unique thing about you off the ice

“I’m the best dancer I know.”

What is your favorite video game or thing to do in your spare time?

“War zone”


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