Northeast Generals Week in Review

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

This week saw both the NAHL and NA3HL teams play a total of five games. Both teams had positives to talk about. For the NAHL team, who won two of three games against Danbury, Head Coach Bryan Erikson said.

“It was huge to get 4 out of 6 this weekend. Especially after the turd we laid on Friday. Friday was such a poor game for us that we just said you know what, we aren’t talking about it. No video, no meetings, let’s just pretend it didn’t happen.Told the boys they knew what to do on Saturday and they played a solid 60 minutes. And then today with us only having 1 healthy sub all weekend we were able to play hard and battle again for a complete game. Great job by Cullen DeYoung who played a bit on Friday and then both Saturday and Sunday. Other standouts were Matt Boczar, Kyle Schroeder and Joe Schubert. All 3 played relentless all weekend. It was great to see them just compete every shift in all zones. And we got scoring contributions from other parts on the lineup which was great like Schubert, Joey McGraw, Doug Friberg, Ryan Corcoran. Real team win this weekend. Now we have to go down there and they will want revenge so we need a really good week of practice and focus to be ready for 4 crucial points in Danbury.”

For the NA3HL team, lead by Head Coach Daryl Locke he noted the following on his team’s sweep in their first two games of 2022.

“I thought in Friday’s game the boys had good energy from the drop of the puck. We were attacking with pace and I think when we do that we have success. It was nice to see Tommy Lubin and Viktor Solokhin score. Viktor is a 2004 from Russia who is starting to show his skill. It’s nice to get that secondary scoring to help boost your team. Braeden Kennedy and Matt Nuzzolilo showed why they’re two of the best forwards in The NA3HL. Just consistently good night after night. Eddie Mulligan was excellent on the back end. His passing skills and defense are elite. Mason Joseph coming back from injury was solid in net. Overall, a good start to the second half of the season.”

“Today’s game we started fast. Our forecheck was solid and I think we put the Titans on their heels a bit. They always play us tough and we knew going in we needed that fast start. I was really happy for Jackson Schouten, a recent call up from our U16 Generals Team. He had a nice goal and added two assists for a three point game. Again, secondary scoring was key in the game. Tyler Ramm, a recent call up to our NAHL Team, was a major force again for us. His three goals , assist, and fight showed why he is a player to be reckoned with down the stretch. We suffered some injuries today including Cedric Savoie, who was injured during an altercation in the second period. I’m happy to report that he is doing fine and wants everyone to know he appreciates everyone’s well wishes. Our medical team will be very busy this week as we have six regulars out with injuries. Overall, happy gaining four points in the stands this weekend.”

Erikson added on the NA3HL team, where he is the assistant coach and general manager “ The thing I think was the key is they realized they can beat anyone out in Blaine but forgot that the way they do that is by out working our opponents not out skill them. And these games this weekend we did just that. Nice workman like win where we played hard in all 3 zones, finished hits and competed for 60 minutes. That was something we did in the first 2 games in MN but failed to do in the 3rd game and will be key to our success moving forward.”

Box Scores

NAHL results

Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks 5 at Northeast Generals 2 – Status: Final
Friday, January 7, 2022 – New England Sports Village

Danbury 1 1 3 – 5
Northeast 1 0 1 – 2

1st Period-1, Northeast, Friberg 4 (Andreychuk, Schroeder), 0:45. 2, Danbury, Dombrowski 12 (Burke, Salandra), 16:38 (PP). Penalties-Ardagna Nte (holding-minor), 15:25.

2nd Period-3, Danbury, Johnson 2 (Howard), 3:11. Penalties-Krivtsov Dht (holding-minor), 6:56.

3rd Period-4, Danbury, Johnson 3 (Sukovic, Burke), 6:02. 5, Northeast, Schubert 5 (Boczar, Woll), 7:03. 6, Danbury, Krivtsov 11 (Nickerson, Harrington), 9:26. 7, Danbury, Skalos 7 (Howard), 17:58 (EN). Penalties-Cooper Nte (slashing-minor), 19:50.

Shots on Goal-Danbury 12-8-17-37. Northeast 13-6-8-27.
Power Play Opportunities-Danbury 1 / 2; Northeast 0 / 1.
Goalies-Danbury, Johnson 3-7-1-0 (27 shots-25 saves). Northeast, Drum 2-4-0-0 (22 shots-18 saves); DeYoung 9-5-0-1 (14 shots-14 saves).
Referees-Cameron Giancarlo.
Linesmen-Ben Eisenhunt, Nicholas Gutekunst.

Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks 1 at Northeast Generals 4 – Status: Final
Saturday, January 8, 2022 – New England Sports Village

Danbury 0 1 0 – 1
Northeast 1 1 2 – 4

1st Period-1, Northeast, Boczar 4 (Schroeder, Andreychuk), 6:02 (SH). Penalties-Gordon Nte (high sticking-minor), 3:02; Lajoy Dht (slashing-minor), 12:11; Mccurdy Dht (tripping-minor), 18:49.

2nd Period-2, Northeast, DesRochers 3 (Andreychuk, Keefer), 0:39 (PP). 3, Danbury, Dombrowski 13 (Haborak, Burke), 5:18 (PP). Penalties-Friberg Nte (interference-minor), 4:12; Davis Dht (checking from behind-minor), 5:54; Minnehan Nte (tripping-minor), 11:25; Lajoy Dht (hooking-minor), 14:16.

3rd Period-4, Northeast, Corcoran 4 (Ardagna, Andreychuk), 10:09 (SH). 5, Northeast, Friberg 5 (Boczar, DeYoung), 19:03 (EN). Penalties-Gordon Nte (roughing-minor), 2:11; Kaminski Nte (tripping-minor), 5:41; Tolan Nte (cross checking-minor), 8:45; Jennersjö Nte (slashing-minor), 12:25.

Shots on Goal-Danbury 10-11-9-30. Northeast 14-12-5-31.
Power Play Opportunities-Danbury 1 / 7; Northeast 1 / 4.
Goalies-Danbury, Seeley 5-13-2-0 (30 shots-27 saves). Northeast, DeYoung 9-5-0-1 (30 shots-29 saves).
Referees-Cameron Giancarlo.
Linesmen-Ben Eisenhunt, Nicholas Gutekunst

Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks 1 at Northeast Generals 4 – Status: Final
Sunday, January 9, 2022 – New England Sports Village

Danbury 1 0 0 – 1
Northeast 1 1 2 – 4

1st Period-1, Northeast, Cooper 1 (McCarthy, Jennersjö), 14:46. 2, Danbury, Sukovic 5   15:10. Penalties-Nickerson Dht (high sticking-minor), 11:02.

2nd Period-3, Northeast, Keefer 14 (Andreychuk, Boczar), 8:27. Penalties-McCarthy Nte (hooking-minor), 4:59; Gordon Nte (holding-minor), 9:19; Johnson Dht (high sticking-double minor), 13:35; McCarthy Nte (slashing-minor), 17:12.

3rd Period-4, Northeast, Keefer 15 (Gordon, Minnehan), 0:58. 5, Northeast, Corcoran 5 (McCarthy, Ardagna), 15:52 (PP). Penalties-Danziger Dht (tripping-minor), 7:41; Dombrowski Dht (head contact-major, head butting-gm), 14:12; Schroeder Nte (kneeing-minor), 18:44.

Shots on Goal-Danbury 13-8-19-40. Northeast 13-12-6-31.
Power Play Opportunities-Danbury 0 / 2; Northeast 1 / 4.
Goalies-Danbury, Seeley 5-14-2-0 (31 shots-27 saves). Northeast, DeYoung 10-5-0-1 (40 shots-39 saves).
Referees-Robert Esposito.
Linesmen-Ben Eisenhunt, Nicholas Gutekunst.

NA3HL Box Scores

Bay State Bobcats 0 at Northeast Generals 5 – Status: Final
Friday, January 7, 2022 – New England Sports Village

Bay State 0 0 0 – 0
Northeast 0 2 3 – 5

1st Period- No Scoring.Penalties-served by Penning Bsb (too many men-minor), 7:40; Demoura Net (roughing-minor), 17:56.

2nd Period-1, Northeast, Kennedy 11 (Nuzzolilo, Sinople), 2:05. 2, Northeast, Solokhin 4 (Kennedy, Lamphear), 8:26. Penalties-Savoie Net (cross checking-minor), 5:53; Penning Bsb (roughing-minor), 8:12; Woak Bsb (roughing-minor), 8:12; Gorman Net (roughing-minor), 8:12; Lambert Net (roughing-minor), 8:12; Sinople Net (fighting-major), 15:31; Sinople Net (fighting (secondary)-gm), 15:32.

3rd Period-3, Northeast, Gorman 14 (Demoura), 3:01. 4, Northeast, Lubin 2 (Kennedy, Nuzzolilo), 4:38. 5, Northeast, Nuzzolilo 11 (Mulligan, Schouten), 10:23. Penalties-Demoura Net (interference-minor), 5:51; Desmarais Bsb (roughing-minor), 9:41; Frolik Net (roughing-minor), 9:41.

Shots on Goal-Bay State 4-11-7-22. Northeast 18-15-17-50.
Power Play Opportunities-Bay State 0 / 5; Northeast 0 / 2.
Goalies-Bay State, Schnopp 2-4-0-0 (50 shots-45 saves). Northeast, Joseph 11-0-0-0 (22 shots-22 saves).
Referees-Z. Hakim.
Linesmen-Cameron Antonellis, Patrick Gardner.

New Jersey Titans 3 at Northeast Generals 8 – Status: Final
Sunday, January 9, 2022 – New England Sports Village

New Jersey 0 0 3 – 3
Northeast 5 1 2 – 8

1st Period-1, Northeast, Wracker 1 (Schouten, Mulligan), 2:27. 2, Northeast, Schouten 1 (Hess, Mulligan), 4:26. 3, Northeast, Hess 10 (Mulligan, Schouten), 16:33. 4, Northeast, Nuzzolilo 12 (Solokhin, Kennedy), 17:26. 5, Northeast, Ramm 10 (Wracker, Mulligan), 18:59 (PP). Penalties-Mirelli Njt (interference-minor), 2:21; Frolik Net (roughing-minor), 2:21; Lambert Net (charging-minor), 7:08; Demoura Net (tripping-minor), 9:04; Miller Njt (roughing-minor), 12:22; Wracker Net (roughing-minor), 12:22; Mataviesko Njt (roughing-minor), 13:15; Lupo Njt (slashing-minor), 18:03.

2nd Period-6, Northeast, Ramm 11 (Schouten, McCoy), 6:31 (PP). Penalties-Demoura Net (interference-minor), 4:09; Mataviesko Njt (unsportsmanlike conduct-minor, fighting-major, fighting-ej, spitting- gross misc), 5:37; Savoie Net (fighting-major, fighting-ej), 5:37; Nuzzolilo Net (slashing-minor), 8:10; Cook Njt (cross checking-minor, fighting-major, fighting-ej), 11:26; Hess Net (unsportsmanlike conduct-minor, fighting-major, fighting-ej), 11:26; Lupo Njt (fighting-major, fighting-ej), 12:05; Lambert Net (fighting-major, fighting-ej), 12:05; Demoura Net (charging-minor), 13:12; Wracker Net (interference-minor), 13:12.

3rd Period-7, New Jersey, Renbarger 2 (Ponechal), 1:06. 8, Northeast, Ramm 12   1:42. 9, New Jersey, Ponechal 12 (Burns), 9:54 (PP). 10, Northeast, Nuzzolilo 13 (Ramm), 14:05 (SH). 11, New Jersey, King 2 (Renbarger, Ponechal), 18:36 (PP). Penalties-Schouten Net (roughing-minor), 0:31; Scherff Njt (tripping-minor), 0:42; Freitas Njt (tripping-minor), 2:35; Gorman Net (cross checking-minor), 2:35; Demoura Net (spearing-major, spearing-ej), 4:58; Ramm Net (boarding-minor), 7:23; Kennedy Net (interference-minor), 12:58; Lincoln Njt (roughing-minor, unsportsmanlike conduct – 10 minute), 15:10; Mulligan Net (fighting-major, fighting under 5 minutes-gm), 15:10; Ramm Net (fighting-major, fighting under 5 minutes-gm), 15:10.

Shots on Goal-New Jersey 6-6-16-28. Northeast 33-23-14-70.
Power Play Opportunities-New Jersey 2 / 16; Northeast 2 / 8.
Goalies-New Jersey, Freitas 3-5-0-0 (70 shots-62 saves). Northeast, McCoy 13-2-0-0 (28 shots-25 saves).
Referees-Anthony Luciano.
Linesmen-Graem Delong, Zach Luczyk.


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