Northeast Generals Player Profiles: The Goaltenders

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

The Northeast Generals are battling for a playoff spot in part because of their consistent goaltending. When Carson Limesand went to the USHL shortly after the hot start he had in Attleboro, the team looked all over the league and beyond to find goaltending to get them steady in the playoff race. Without these two it’s tough to predict where Northeast is in the standings.

They found two goalies who have helped them. Goaltending Coach Steve Mastelerz provided insight into both of them .

He said “ Cullen and Oliver are great humans first, both are hard working mature young men. They are both completely different goalies. Cullen is a smaller aggressive, fast skating goalie who trusts his play reading athleticism to make saves. Oliver is is a bigger body, who uses his size and positioning well, he has the athletic ability to make the big saves. Both have an incredible work ethic and focus, and are a blast to work with.Cullen has worked a lot on trusting himself and his reads and not trying to do much. Will continue to work on his consistency.Oliver has worked hard in playing at a faster pace as he is not used to the smaller rink compared to over seas. He will continue to work on his speed and play reading.”

General Manager Matt Dibble had the following to say about how each goalie was acquired. Oliver Drum came to North America from Sweden and is adjusting to the North American game. He has less than ten games played but is growing each day. Cullen DeYoung is the starter and comes with some more NAHL experience. Dibble said on acquiring the two starting with DeYoung “We we’re inquiring all over the league on goalies and Cullen was a kid Bryan and I were always high on. We were happy to be able to find that he could be had for the right trade and made it work. He has been great since he got here.” On Drum Dibble said “ He came from Mike McCarthy in Sweden, whom Bryan is close with. Mike also sent Hugo this way so we trust him a ton. Oliver has gotten better every day since he’s gotten here and we’re very happy.”


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