Brent Keefer to Army West Point: What he brings

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

When you think of Army West Point Hockey, you think of servant leaders willing to go above and beyond to help others. Their program as is West Point is full of of them.

Brent Keefer is another in a line of servant leaders who will also bring a strong hockey sense to West Point. Army West Point Hockey fans know what type of player the Generals graduate to college hockey. One of the best players in recent Army History, Colin Bilek, has his number retired by the Generals, and his work ethic and upward development serve as a guide for Keefer.

On the commitment, Bryan Erikson, Northeat Generals Head Coach said “It’s a perfect fit. Both Dibble and I have such respect for the program and Coach Riley and Coach McKelvie. Once Brent expressed interest in a military school it became a pretty easy decision. He will be a phenomenal player for them and will fit into their culture perfectly. With Bilek graduating they have some offensive holes to fill and we both think that Brent can contribute from day 1. Really proud and excited for Brent.”


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