Air Force Flies to Atlantic Hockey Championship Final with 4-3 win Over RIT: Read More

Photo Credit-Kelsey Lee- Violet Turtle Photography

Air Force Head Coach Frank Serratore praised his group, which never trailed, for their 4-3 win over the Tigers of RIT. He said that a lot of things go into a game like this one. First he said, “it also gets down to scoring the first goal.” He added something that he has said to all of his teams, “If you aspire to be a champion you have to have the ability to come from behind and win on the road.”

Serratore also commented on how far this team has come. This group has one senior, star goaltender Alex Schilling, and a young group in front of him that was picked to finish ninth. They are now on the cusp of an Atlantic Hockey Conference Tournament Championship, and an NCAA Tournament spot. Every year Frank Serratore says “we want to be the team that’s hard to play against.” Air Force, ever since coming a post away from beating their opponent in the final, AIC, has seen their underclassmen grow up in an instant and seen Schilling play quite well.

As Frank said of his team beating the odds, “ I have a tremendous amount of respect for this group. This shouldn’t be happening but thank God our guys didn’t get the memo.” On Schilling Frank added that , “he’s a cool customer, he’s all goalie.”

Air Force added to RIT pressuring with their defense and Luke Rowe found Will Gavin streaking to open up the scoring. They both took advantage of what RIT game them. This is something Air Force does well and should serve them well against AIC.

In the loss, senior captain Dan Willett , who played his final game for RIT, and did everything he could to give his team a chance to win was asked what RIT means to him. He said , “It means everything to me, its just something I’ll never forget.”

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