Lucas Bahn: Thankful and excited to get back to hockey-read more

Photo Credit:Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

At Alabama Huntsville, Lucas Bahn is thankful for the opportunity to play college hockey, he is more than thankful for all of his coaches to be there for him as people and mentors. “Off the ice, I see Huntsville as my home, it’s been such a cool place to kind of grow up in a way.” Had the Chargers played this past season Bahn could have been the captain for a young group because he is often the hardest worker in the group wherever he is. Bahn leads by example and always has shown that he belongs on the ice wherever he goes.

In his time as a student this year, Bahn joined different clubs at UAH that he didn’t have time to do when hockey was going on. He is a health-conscious person and has maintained a strong shape off the ice throughout the year. As Bahn said, “ I had a lot of free time to learn a lot more on my own and be able to focus on school.”

As for playing at Niagara Bahn said , “I’m excited to get going again and get back on the grind.”The Purple Eagles report to campus date is August 13, Bahn wants to get back sooner, sometime in mid July. He wanted to play for Jason Lammers and respects Lammers as a person and a coach.

“I’ve known of Lanmers for a long time, we have a mutual friend whose actually my mentor Jason Kersner. Lammers is some body who I’d want to play for. I think he’s going to be a great mentor for me.”

As for playing for Niagara Bahn said “I was looking for a team that would be competitive and working towards a winning season.”

He did have an offer to play for the Purple Eagles sooner, but as he said “I almost needed a year to refresh and recoup.” Bahn did not expect anything to come for this upcoming season.

“I honestly really wasn’t expecting anything, Lammers reached out.” He went up to New Jersey to see Kersner in December and saw Lammers watching another recruit, a couple of weeks later the conversation became more real.

Bahn skated with UAH alum Jared Ross who organizes weekly skates for program alums “it’s a pretty good competitive scrimmage group.”

Bahn also praised the facilities of Niagara Hockey. He said , “They are amazing, we just went up a week or so ago and toured the rink and campus and it’s amazing. They definitely support their hockey team as far as funding.”

On Atlantic Hockey’s style Bahn said “It’s fast but it’s also hard, there’s a lot of strong, big, older teams.”On playing in Atlantic Hockey Bahn’s speed will allow him to skate out of trouble and speed around players. Bahn said of the aggressive non conference schedule Niagara plays this year” you’re there to beat those teams.” He loves how aggressive Lammers is in playing the tough teams on a yearly basis. Bahn has two years of eligibility to play as a Purple Eagle. He will be aiming for his MBA, as he is getting his undergraduate degree from UAH this summer.

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