The Charlotte Rush: What makes the culture

With training camp starting this weekend for the Charlotte Rush, and multiple players and coaches in our time covering junior and college hockey talking about the Rush as a standout organization, it was a good time to check in with some in the organization about what makes the Rush so unique for tier three hockey. Hear from some coaches what their answers are. The expectations are high in Charlotte , as winning teams should have. Also all of these coaches took the time to talk about the USPHL as well, and each one talked about something worth noting about the league.

Ray Sylvester

“I like the culture and commitment that each Rush player and staff member put into the team.For the USPHL I like how there is a lot of competitive teams. Also I like that gene binda puts a lot of work into making our referees the best in tier three.For this season I expect nothing less than a championship. The team the staff has built it very good and we will only get better!”

Trevor Kleckner

“I like the commitment that is set within the Rush organization to advance and develop each player we bring in. Whether it’s to a higher level of junior hockey or the NCAA, nobody in Tier III junior hockey does it better than we do.
For the USPHL, I like how competitive our southeast division is. Every night is going to be a battle and we can’t afford to take any nights off.
For this season, the goal is nothing less than a championship. We need to earn the right to win this season in order to put ourselves in a position to hoist a trophy in march.”

Trevor Jewell:

The Rush doesn’t operate like any tier 3 program. The commitment to the details in everything we do on a daily basis helps to set us apart. Whether it be something like a practice plan all the way to the time we spend helping each player develop as a player and person.Accountability( is a key part of our organization). This is huge as well. From staff to players. This helps to drive our culture.I really enjoy how much each player really believes in our program. What we do and how we help them advance in anything. Not just hockey. Seeing the success of our alumni and having them back while always helping the new wave of Rush guys is special.The USPHL is a great developmental platform for these players to get started, be noticed and advance to higher levels.”

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