Columbia Infantry: A Parent’s perspective on Carlo Tigaronita

For Petronilo Tigaronita, father of Carlo , Columbia Infantry Defenseman, he supports his son in what he is doing to develop his game. Even if that means that his son, for the first time is going to be playing games on the other side of the world, and trying to get noticed by colleges in America. For this family, Petronilo explained well what hockey means to him and his family, and why the Infantry are the right place for Carlo to play his last year of junior hockey. He took the time to chat with us and answer some questions about Carlo below.

  1. What does hockey mean to your family ?
    “Hockey means a lot to our family since it’s the sport that our youngest loves the most. He paused his college education in order to be able to participate in the USPHL. He’s in his second year in college taking up Business Marketing in De La Salle University and is a Dean’s Lister of the course. That’s how much he loves hockey and how much he wants to improve his game.”
  2. What does it mean for him to have a year of junior hockey in North America?
    “Coming to North America and being accepted in a Junior team like the Columbia Infantry is achieving a goal for Carlo. This also means putting his college education into a pause to pursue the sport he loves most and to undergo the rigid training it takes for a player to excel. After the season is over, he will go back to the Philippine National Team as a much better defenseman with all the USPHL experience behind him.”
  3. Why did the Infantry seem like the best spot for him to go?
    “Coach Jacob Smulevitch of the Infantry gave him the opportunity to be part of the junior team in which he can grow with. Coach Jacob seem like the best coach for an underdog player like Gelo (that’s what his friends call him) and a mentor who can draw out the best from him. Carlo also received another invitation from Canada but ( the United States of ) America is closer to his heart.”
  4. What’s your favorite thing about Carlo’s personality?
    “Carlo is a committed and smart young man with a lot of passion for ice hockey. He takes his studies and sport seriously and is willing to sacrifice to achieve his goals.”

Add anything else you’d like about Carlo.
“Carlo came to North America by himself without any guarantee of being accepted in any junior team. All he had to back him is his experience in the international competitions like the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia, Southeast Asian Games and his unwavering desire and commitment to be the best version of himself. He’s also preparing himself to play in the World Championships in 2023.”

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