Cade Corbin: A hard working goalie for the Infantry with a routine-read more

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Cade Corbin is a veteran goaltender with two years left of junior hockey. This year he leads the Columbia Infantry as a player hungry. He is an athletic goaltender who can get post-to-post pretty quickly. Cade said of playing goalie, the choice came pretty quickly to him “I fell in love with it.”

Photo Credit: Cade Corbin

As you see in the photo, Cade has a well designed mask by Robert Howell of Sun God Graphics. Cade said “I really like the pattern on the planes and spit fire.” He gave wide latitude for Robert to design the mask and could not be more proud of it.

As to how Cade got to Columbia, it was all the work of Head Coach Jacob Smulevitch. The call to Cade happened when Cade was in the middle of Walmart. The men chatted for two and a half hours, and Cade was convinced to go to the Infantry. Cade at one point was asked if he was ok because he was on the phone for so long. The talk came down to the following things. Cade told us plainly “Smulevitch said he wanted a championship.” Corbin added that “I made him a promise to take him there.”Cade has turned down offers to play college hockey at the club level to play for the Infantry.

Smulevitch said of the call and if his reasons to recruit Cade “ I was very adamant to get him to Columbia because of his success of winning everywhere he’s been and also because he is a great kid who is fantastic to have in the room and off the ice.”

Cade was direct about the goals for the Infantry this season. “Right off the bat everyone hear has one goal in mind, to get us to the championship. We all have a chip on our shoulder.”

Corbin also appeicuarwd the diverse group of talent Smulevitch has helped assemble. He also is excited to help lead them and bring the group together as well. He said “it’s kind of cool to see that he reached out to other parts of the world. We definitely take them in and they show us a little bit of what they learned.”

He credits the staff for including everyone in the group and including everyone.

As to his goalie group, Cade praised the Infantry Goalie Union. He said “with guys everyone is nipping at everyone’s heels. In the locker room you’re there with your buddies.”

Cade also has an incredible detailed pregame routine. His warmups are detailed and set and he does not change his routine. The future exercise science professional also does detailed workouts before each game that help him get ready.

Before a game he will consume a Milky Way and five hour energy with millitary camo with Starbucks esperesso. Everything was specific. No substitutions were allowed.

As for the night before he eats either pasta with red sauce or no sauce the night before if he’s starting, if he’s not it’s pasta with usually white sauce or That comes back to what his grandmother does and he haa s conversation with himself as if his late grandmother was still there and has a detailed routine before the game. Before she passed the two would talk before games. Cade’s late grandmother is missed dearly and has been and is still a big part of his hockey journey. She is with him for every game, and in everything Cade does.

When Cade make it to the college ranks where three goalies can dress on some occasions, he does not have a pasta sauce picked out yet. He hopes to have to figure that out soon.

Cade loves being in the USPHL as well. He can stay in the us , loves the growing nature of the USPHL. He praised the completion and development nature of it. By its nature the league has less transactions in season, and has more time for players to develop. The league also spends time to get it’s teams to multiple showcases and play a geographically diverse array of teams every year. Cade finally took the time to talk about a model that has made it to the NHL. One of his Billet Brothers was Pheonix Copley out on the west coast. He praised Pheonix for how well he handled school and hockey together. Cade models his game after Pheonix and Andrei Vasilevsky. He looks to grow it as the Infantry grow their presence in Columbia.

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