Key Funders: Read more about the Friends of Bishop Kearney Selects

Jim Lorentz is the director of the newly founded Friends of BK Selects. He played at college hockey at St Lawrence, and grew up watching his dad win a Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins. Four years ago he started coaching some players that are now at Bishop Kearney. “ it was kind of a natural progression for me to get I evolved with the program.” He saw the potential to help with the organization of the program. “In a very short amount of time our program has gotten a lot of national attention. We are fighting to get the top recruits in the country.” He also praised Vice President of Hockey Paul Colontino by saying “he’s a great partner and we are very fortunate to have him around.” Paul has been welcoming in building out things for the program, and is looking to ensure the long term success of everyone involved with the BK Selects program.

The program got started through friends chatting. As Lorentz said, “A group of us kind of got together and looked at the program, the goal was to become a top tier program in the nation. After the success of last year and where we are this year, we are already there. With that it requires funding.”

The initial goal was to compete with schools like Shattuck-St Mary’s and more. With fundraising support, combined with the success of the program already, Lorentz hopes to help get the BK Selects well on their way to constant competition with the best in the country, and for this group to be recognized in the same breadth as the top flight schools.

The 501c3 was started a few months ago. He praised the local community and beyond for the overwhelming response. He wants this to be a college hockey like model similar to how other programs are funded and built out. “We sort of took the model that all the big division one schools have.” He talked about the college hockey backgrounds of him at St Lawrence, Matt Schmenti at AIC, and Chris Collins at Boston College. The backgrounds of the men, combined with long run goals to make Bishop Kearney the best prep institute to play hockey at made everything an ideal fit to form the fundraising entity.

For the golf tournament happening October 3rd, he said that it made sense given the makeup of the group. “We have great relationships at Monroe, for our first event at a golf centric town it kind of made sense.” He praised the response of the town for planning and getting things started. The sense of community and bringing people together is the goal of this. They are two or three groups away from being at capacity. Lorentz did mention that there are still opportunities to help sponsor things at the course even when registration fills up. They are looking at getting an event in august of 2023 for the second fundraising venture.

The primary use for funds initially will be for residential life, and building out the dorms for student athletes. After that it will go to funding travel and equipment for the teams. All of these things are very expensive, and Lorentz stressed the need for as much help as can be given from as many who can give it.

They will be celebrating the national champion 16 u team at the 18th green and bringing together the families and more. The event is sponsored by the Ryan Callahan foundation. He praised Ryan and his wife Kyla for helping the event grow, Callahan will be playing in the event, and is a vocal supporter of the Selects as well.

Additional information on the golf tournament can be found here


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