Atlantic Hockey Non Conference Games to watch: Part Two-AIC Edition

Photo Credit Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

AIC is the defending four time Atlantic Hockey Champions. With that said, this year brings new challenged and hopes for tbs group. Head Coach Eric Lang complimented the speed of this group, and they get a great test early on in their schedule.

AIC-Alaska Fairbanks

This is the type of series that could keep the team out of an at large bid. How this team deals with its newness against a similarly new Nanooks side will go a long way to determining who wins. AIC arguably has transfers coming in with more pedigree from all around the game. This team is bringing in multiple players from different conferences who are all battle tested. One standout for this weekend would be two way forward Jordan Biro from Colorado College. The speed he plays with could help fill in for a departed pro like Brian Rigali.

AIC-Umass Amherst

This is the home opener for AIC. The Yellow Jackets got better against big time opponents last year, but still won only one game at home in non conference play. They got so much closer to winning multiple big games, getting their home opener to win the weekend against their Western Massachusetts rival to start the season goes a long way to telling their story. Also the Minutemen have the defending national champs, Denver, on the docket for their home opener a weekend a later. If AIC was ever to catch a team looking ahead, now would be the time. AIC should compete with their opponents in physicality, and seeing how they skate with them will go a long way to determining who wins. One player that could give AIC fits in this game us forward Josh Nodler. The Flames draft pick and Michigan State transfer will be one of the best faceoff takers in Hockey east and plays with a speed that could throw off AIC at times.

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