Columbia Infantry Week Three in Review

While the USPHL Columbia Infantry have not stormed to the top of their division in the Elite or Premier Ranks, they are building towards something, and Head Coach Jacob Smulevitch remains confident in the potential of his team after the USPHL South Showcase. The Infantry now have a full two weeks before they play again to develop and get better. In addition, they have showed progress weekend to weekend, now they have plenty of time to develop and learn from the coaches. Over this time, goalie coach Jon De Castro will get to Fhe area and work with all of the goalies, and provide another voice for the staff as well.

Smulevitch talked about the weekend

“ I learned about both my teams that they have no quit in them and they are truly a family. Although the weekend didn’t go the way we wanted standings wise our guys continue to believe in the process and what we are building towards.

Premier earning their first win was monumental. This group has come literally within 20 seconds of winning two other games and has led in the 3rd of several other games. They are truly a special group and I believe this is the first of many.

Since the start of the season each group has had several players who I believe have grown exceptionally. For elite I believe Eli Reaves is a player who continues to get better and one that is going to have a very special second half of the season. For premier I truly believe that defenseman Zach Brady is somebody to keep an eye on as he is a highly skilled two way defenseman.

I don’t think either team needs any drastic changes but I just think we need to keep adjusting to the pace of the premier division and of the junior level. This is a special group and we know exactly where we will be in March.”

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