Jessica Chapin:Working her dream job and proud of AIC Hockey-Read more

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

What’s the dream for all of us in finding work?To time something that doesn’t feel like it because it’s fun.

AIC athletic director Jesssica Chapin agrees. She says of her dream job, “Its wonderful, I get to do a job that doesn’t feel like work all the time. When the effort you put in is for student athletes and you see them be successful it really validates why you do it.| she said, she is setup well to “coach the coaches.” She builds processes and gives tools for success to coaches at AIC.

On how AIC Hockey’s success has helped the whole department, she said that, “It’s been huge, I don’t think we can put it into words. In the D1 era five years ago we were never competitive.” She went on to praise Coach Lang and the college for working together. She said that “It’s been vital to other areas of our department.”

On the culture change in her department she added, “ I don’t think there was ever a time five years ago where you’d hear American international in the same breadth as Michigan or any of the big division one schools. It’s been great to see our following grow every time we go to a regional.”

Now with AIC Hockey has the expectation is to win as Chapin and all of us know. She praised the consistent worm of Coach Eric Lang has done a fantastic job year in and year out. Chaplin also added that her department “ needs to continue doing some of what we are. I think offering those opportunities to student athletes to play those big time opponents is huge.” They are looking for home and home series where possible to get more marquee games at home for their student athletes and evaluate non conference arrangements from a competitive basis before a financial only basis.

Chapin added on getting a new rink in campus that the long run they’d all like to see ur happen, and did not comment beyond saying that “it would be nice to have if it fits institutional priorities.”

Finally, Chapin praised the work of Lang’s team in the community. She knows that the student athletes on hockey being involved in the community is important. Chapin praised them for going above and beyond to talk to local kids, and connect AIC to the area.

Chapin is also excited to see how the new digital marketing campaign has been growing this year. She hopes that helps drive attendance for all sports at AIC.

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