Charlotte Rush: Week in review

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Another weekend of games for the Charlotte Rush, another perfect record. This weekend hear from Head Scout Ray Sylvester who took the time to break down some things he saw over the games against Nashville for the Premier and Elite groups.

He said “ I thought elite was great! Elite really made some plays and good in the ozone. With that being said it makes it easier for them to defend which as you can see from the scores they did a great job of. Elite is super young and wins like this help them to understand that doing the little things can lead to big weekends like this one.

Premier had a tough game on Saturday which I thought could’ve been a little more lopsided but really answered back on Sunday. The thing with Saturday is it’s a really tough game to “get up” for but premier still needs to work on putting a consistent 60 minutes for both games on a weekend. Sunday was just all out great! Powerplay was clicking on all cylinders and our 5v5 play was great. This team is good when they play fast and make plays which they did on Sunday!

For elite I thought the leadership group of outman,sweitzer, warrington was great! The first days of being captains and they lead the way through their play!

For premier I thought it was good for evjen to get back into the swing of things and put some points on the board. Livio has been fantastic! His puck movement and just all around play has been great! Dylan ray also was good with him wearing the C for the first time! I expect big things from him!

Sylvester also disucsssd some reminders for both teams. He said “reminders for both teams is that anyone can beat anyone. You always need to play your best. And that’s great to keep winning but we also want to develop players. So yeah it’s awesome to win but are we developing as individuals and as a team. That question needs to be answered everyday.”

He also discussed the goaltending

“Elite: great both goalies! Minimal shots but that doesn’t matter because you need to still stop the ones you face. It’s tough for them because they don’t get a ton of action so you gotta be ready when you do and they were

Premier: Anderson status quo thought he was good. Great game for Pieter huge shutout had to make some great saves. Those Sunday games are tough because it’s early and it’s back to back so that Sunday goalie whoever it may be has to be ready, which Pete was!”

The Rush have the chance to add more to their postseason resume as they look to win next weekend and beyond. They face the Carolina Jr. Canes next weekend.

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