Top Cheese: Jarrett Fiske Earns Atlantic Hockey Goaltender of the Week award-read more

Photo Credit: AIC Athletics-Kelly Shea

Sometimes weekly awards get overlooked in the grand scheme of college hockey. Every conference gives them out every week. This past weekend, is not one of those times. Jarrett Fiske, the goaltender who has gotten better on the ice every year while being an elite human on and off it won the award for Atlantic Hockey. The new award winner learned of the award from AIC’s newest Assistant, Brendan Riley. Fiske said “ the first person to reach out to me was Coach Riley. He has been great for our team, and we are obviously extremely lucky to have him with our staff.”

Fiske said of playing and of his team

“It has been awesome to get back in game action and it is amazing to be with the team and fight with them on the ice. To reiterate, it’s obviously a team effort. We are looking forward to next week and the rest of the season. I think we are a resilient group. We did not quit, and I think that was evident in our effort on Saturday having to play more than 60 minutes, then having to bounce back in less than 24 hours and play another game.”

Fiske also talked about the goaltending group that AIC has. This team has four goalies that all have Division One experience. Fiske said of the AIC goalie union “Kobryn, Boynton, and Aslanidis are all great teammates. We are all very supportive of each other, and we bring our “A” game to the rink every day. We all push each other at every practice, and it’s always healthy competition. Off the ice we are good friends that laugh and hang out so it’s definitely good camaraderie amongst the goalies this season.”

AIC has a goaltender coach as part of what he does. Patrick Tabb has been a big part of the success of this group and Fiske took the time to chat about him.

He said of Tabb, “Coach Tabb has been very patient and supportive of me throughout my time at AIC. Even on day 1, he has pushed me and made me better in all aspects of the game. He is so generous, always willing to do what he can to make the goalies and the team better. Tabber loves working with the goalies and refining our skills.”

Fiske is also a two sport athlete at AIC and took the time to talk about what being a two sport Athlete at AIC means. He said “ I think being able to play two sports at AIC is an awesome experience. I know its an honor and a blessing to play one college sport, let alone two, so I am incredibly fortunate for the opportunity.”

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