Kasmier Moncheck to Adrian to play college hockey: Hear from Kaz

Photo, and Graphic Credit: Chicago Cougars

When picking a junior hockey team to play at, knowing who runs the program and how it’s run arguably matters more than how the team did in the last year. If the coach and program are great, and the system is good, your program could have a down year with injuries and still be working towards something, developing players on and off the ice. Kasmier Moncheck understood that and chose wisely in his development path. Kaz said of why he chose to play for the Cougars that , “Chicago has a great history of developing players and they are always good so it was an easy choice.”

He talked about his improvement with the USPHL franchise on and off the ice since he became a Cougar. Kaz said that “ I have improved tremendously on the ice since I’ve arrived and I have become a lot better of a person and leader off of the ice, character is something that’s very important for coach Dallman.”

He added on why he picked Adrian to play ACHA hockey, “because it’s closer to home and I feel in love with the campus.”

On playing in the USPHL for multiple seasons Kaz said that “playing in the USPHL has helped me develop into an all around better player with the good competition night in and night out.”

On coach Dallman and his helping Kaz develop as a person,student athlete, and hockey player he said , “ I absolutely love the coach, Josh Dallman has been the best coach I’ve had. He is Someone I look up to.”

On playing college hockey Moncheck was honest in saying that “Playing college hockey has always been a dream of mine and something I’ve always wanted to do.”

For his family he was nothing but thankful saying that “ my parents sacrifice a lot for me to be where I am today.”

Finally , for his last junior hockey season Kaz was direct in noting that “ my goal for this season is to win a national championship.”

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