Cole Bisson has a an elite week to earn a player of the week award for the Charlotte Rush: Read more

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Head Coach Troy Scwab talked about the growth of Cole Bisson for the Rush. The defender contributed on the score sheet at the Elite level to help his team do well. He was given one of the player of the week awards the USPHL doles out to players in each division. In terms of growth and getting better, Cole is playing at his level, elite.

“Cole had a very good weekend at the Elite level and being player of the week is well deserved.

When recruiting Cole over the summer we knew he was a very good kid from a very good family. He has been just that for us here in Charlotte.  He was recommended to us from a former colleague who also referred us to Cutter Lewis. 

Cole is a very good skating defender who makes a very good first pass. His ability to break pucks out and spend little time in the defensive zone because of it are one of his greatest strengths.

Confidence is a huge part of any player’s game. As a staff we felt Cole was struggling with confidence and we wanted to find a way to build his confidence, get him back to playing how we think he should, and continue to help him develop. 

This past weekend was a very good step in Coles development. He was able to play in all situations, start to build confidence in his game, have fun doing it, and take another step forward in his development. We think very highly of Cole and are looking for him to continue to play well and earn his opportunities.”

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