The USPHL: Why it matters- a quick commentary

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Tier three junior hockey is important. Why? Well simply put it provides a bridge to the higher levels of junior hockey. Why does the USPHL matter so much? Why do we talk about this league, when the USHL produces more talent for the NHL?

Where do those players start in junior hockey?

For a lot of them that answer is the USPHL is the start to finding their way in North America. So much hockey media discourse is about getting players from non traditional markets to play this game here. Well, this league is home to a diverse group of players battling for college hockey spots and spots in tier two or one every single night. Great organizations like the Florida Eels develop players and people and spread the game of hockey all around. NHL stars like Emerson Etem have teams and coach them, many great owners like Ryan Cruthers build winnjng organizations that produce great people and help everyone find their next level.

In fact that’s a good alternate slogan for the USPHL “find your next level.” This league is superb at local play and development, along with its showcases make it an attractive tier three place to play. This organization covers the Rush and Infantry in this league, but we have had great chats with many teams in this league. People really care here and it shows in how the league is improving. An example of that comes on ESPN. This league advertises on ESPN networks during college hockey games. That matters.

This league is a first stop for international players, and for American players who need a spot and don’t have the luck at the other two tiers, this league can be a refuge as well. If Blake Bennett didn’t meet Ryan Cruthers with the Charlotte Rush, does he earn his way to AIC? We don’t know but know that hundreds of coaches in this league motivate players like Blake daily and help them get to the next level. This league is one for the underdog to get noticed, they help many develop and help many more find their next level in this great game.

As we get into the stretch run, we would hope you take the time to watch teams around this country battle for playoff spots. It should be exciting on the road to Nationals in Utica, and in future years this site will have even more USPHL content. Why? This league is the home of the underdog looking to move up.

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