Columbia Infantry: Captain’s Log

Photo Credit: Columbia Infantry

Captain Blake Hasenauer has a lot of experience in junior hockey. He also has the distinct honor of being the first captain for the Infantry. The forward from Hamburg Pennsylvania took a step forward to the premier level this year and has provided leadership for an expansion group, not an easy thing to do. He talks about the Infantry, the exposure to the next level he’s gotten, his plans for next year in junior hockey, and much more.

“Being apart of the Infantry in the inaugural season, has been a great experience. The guys in the room are special, and the staff is top tier as well, making the experience here in Columbia unforgettable to say the least. Most of my favorite memories from this season have come from inside the rink doors. Like staying after practice with a couple of the guys to clean, warmups before practice, and locker room conversations are always interesting. Although most of my favorite memories belong in the rink, some come outside, as we have a favorite restaurant we usually go to. Being able to decompress and eat good food with the guys you enjoy being around will always have my appreciation.

Playing for the Infantry has helped me get a ton of NCAA exposure. Being in the Florida division brings tough competition, which attracts a great deal of scouts. My ideal plan as of now being a 2003 birth year is to build up a great enough playing resume in the first half of next season, to be able to commit by the new year.”

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