Generals add three in NAHL Draft: Read More

Today, the Northeast Generals added three more players to their camp roster to work towards a roster spot for the 2021-2022 campaign. The process was lead by General Manager Matt Dibble who had the Generals only need to select three players due to their extensive work to secure key tenders, have a roster stocked with returners, and helping to cultivate a new energy in the group that was a key part of its renniasance last season as a team near the bottom of the standings pushed for a playoff spot near the end of the 2020-2021 campaign despite dealing with a myriad of challenges.

With that said, Head Coach Bryan Erikson had a lot to say about the draft work done by Dibble

He added

” This Draft was all Matt Dibble. He was hired to make a roster that can compete for a championship and I think he has done that all off season. So the draft is just a small part of what he has been doing. We had the fewest amount of picks in the draft because of all the hard work Matt did in the last 6 months. He has built a team we really like.”

Photo Credit: Northeast Generals

On the three picks, Erikson noted, first of young defender Jack Laferriere

” First we grabbed Jack Laferriere who is a big 05 D man that was a standout at the World Youth Championships with Roc City Elite. He is kid who works hard and comes from a great hockey pedigree. He has work to do to make the team but I think he can get there. Strong on his edges, good with the puck and does a great job with his gaps.”

For development, Dibble has seen Jack first hand as Dibble lead that Roc City team, and said “Jack Laferriere was one of the captains for our Roc City team this summer, we think he is a kid that will continue to develop and will play here some day. He is a great kid and works hard day in and out.”

Next, Erikson discussed Asher Wites, a smooth skating defender, Erikson said ” Then we chose Asher Wites who is a D man that we loved. Very smooth and dynamic with the puck. Another great skating D man that can make plays offensively and escape trouble with his feet. He will be very good very quickly for us. High end kid on and off the ice.”

Dibble added of Wites ” Asher Wites is a kid who we fully expect to come in here and compete to play every day. We think he is a kid with high end skating ability and hockey IQ. We are looking forward to working with him on his transition.”

For their final pick, the Generals selected a player from their East Division Champion NA3HL Team, Payton Felix. The Generals will benefit from having another forward with instant speed, and one that shows an ability to play with a certain level of toughness like their standout forward Jake Dunlap.

Erikson said of Felix ” Payton Felix has been with us for 2 years. 1 year with our U18 team where he was dominant and then 1 year with our NA3 team where he was again a huge contributor to the best team in the East. He has blinding speed, and a tremendous work ethic. He gets on pucks quickly on the forecheck, backchecks, finishes hits everywhere. Great kid from a great family. Excited for him to have this opportunity to push for a spot.”

Dibble added ” Peyton Felix is a kid who has shown loyalty to the generals organization and we are looking forward to him continuing to develop here in Attleboro.”

Felix has one year left in junnior hockey, and will have a full season and NAHL Showcase to show off that blinding speed at the next level. His game is similar to Michigan Tech Forward, Tyrone Bronte, who did not earn a college comittment until late in the cycle, in June before he played his freshman year last fall. Felix has the potential to earn a Division One spot, and lead a strong team forward to the playoffs this year, as he did last season, on the same sheet of ice.

The Generals will not have too crowded of a main camp, as they typically like to bring in players they could see playing for them and earning a spot, with that said look for some extra competition in a few spots to allow Erikson and Dibble to make the needed moves to get the best possible group ready for a full, grueling regular season schedule where the Generals hope to play a lot more at home than last year, with fans for all of their games.

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Generals Add Three Through NAHL Supplemental Draft

Photo Credit: Patrick Garriepy-Patrick Garriepy Photography

Today, General Manager Matt Dibble, and Head Coach Bryan Erikson welcomed three more players to the Family of the Northeast Generals for their 2021-2022 campaign. All three selections in the NAHL Supplemental Draft, a draft happening for the second time today, have college interest at the Division One level.

More importantly, to Erikson and Dibble, the philosophy for picking players in this draft, and in every other opportunity they have to add talent centers around fit. Erikson has cut players ranked by NHL Central Scouting because they did not mesh well with his group, and Dibble and Erikson each value players who are good humans first, and ones they can work with more than on ice players who may be a bit higher end, but off the ice do not work well with others. That philosophy will be on full display in the NAHL Entry Draft next month where the Generals will make six selections to add to their player pool ahead of their main camp next season.

Today, the Generals selected Swedish winger Linus Petersson with their first choice, Michael Woll with their second pick, and Tyler Procious with their final pick. Of the three, Petersson’s upside seems to be the most immediate with his 6’4″ frame and ability to find the net. The Generals will be adding a power forward to a top six group that could see Jake Dunlap return to it, among their other superb veterans. He only played eight games last season for his Sollentuna side in the under 20 league in Sweeden. His statistics from seasons before the last one profile as a power forward with scoring upside. If he can pitch in supplemental scoring to go along with his physical game in the top six, then Erikson and Dibble will have an impact power forward to help out a group of returners in the top six all with speed and skill.

As for Michael Woll, the brother of former Boston College Eagle and current Toronto Maple Leaf Joseph Woll, he brings a similar power forward game up the middle, along with a brief stint with the Madison Capitals of the USHL last season (two games). In addition, Erikson and Dibble have seen him play a lot, given that he plays with tender Sixten Jennersjo, and has played with Ryan Gordon and Jackson McCarthy.

Regarding Tyler Procious, the offensive defender has shown the ability to generate a large amout of points at the Tier One level, but did not see it come just yet in his season with the Muskegon Lumberjacks. He will be given every opportunity to show the growth of the offensive side of his game at the USHL level, and the Generals retain his NAHL rights should that end up being the place he ends up playing at. He is a leader wherever he goes, and brings the intangibles and top-end skill together, the former being a requirement for Erikson and Dibble, the latter bringing promising upside.

As Erikson described of the picks today,

” We got all 3 players that Matt targeted. We had watched Linus quite a bit and it’s rare to see a 6’4 power forward that can fly. We think he slots right into our top 6. And Michael Woll plays right down the street at the prestigious Mount St. Charles and joins teammate Sixten Jennersjo and former teammates Ryan Gordon and Jackson McCarthy. Woll is another 6’4 forward that can skate well and fire the puck. Tyler is a player that has played for Matt Dibble’s summer program Roc City Elite that we are very familiar with. We hope he sticks in the USHL but wanted him to have a landing spot if it didn’t work out. He is an elite defender.”

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Hugo Haas on why he chose AIC, and more

Photo Credit Patrick Garriepy- Patrick Garriepy Photography

Hugo Haas has come a long way just to play in the North American Hockey League for the Northeast Generals. The Opava, Czech Republic native has always had goaltending on his mind. His father, Rotislav was his inspiration. He had a 17 year career playing across different professional leagues in Europe, culminating in finishing with the team he now coaches goaltending for, the Augsburg Panthers in the DEL, the top professional German Ice Hockey . When Hugo discussed his style of goaltender he tries to be like, he shared something his father told him that he takes to heart. The saying, as Hugo noted is “stealing is bad, but stealing with your eyes is a good thing.” That is, Haas is inspired by other goaltenders, of which he watches many on a daily basis, and tries to play his own game in the process. He wants to develop his game and his off ice skills with time, and enjoys the steady grind of improving his game. Hockey has been his life, but he knows that playing college hockey will give him not only a better chance to make the NHL, but he appreciates being able to get his degree.

As he said on the opportunity to be seen and develop. “Just the exposure that it has… Obviously you have an education to it..its a little different than Europe.. I think it’s a good route to develop”, Haas is undecided on what he wants to do for a major yet, but is looking forward to begin that internal process of deciding soon, given that he just announced his decision to come to AIC today. He did note that, unlike the European system, he appreciates being able to earn a degree along with playing hockey instead of having to choose between the two when his junior hockey career is complete.

Haas was methodical about choosing where to play. On why he will be a Yellow Jacket, he said “ I just liked the way that they overall presented themselves.” He praised the international history of the program, and their European connections. He felt that the school does a good job working with players from all around the world, and he also is a teammate of Alexander Tertyshny who will join AIC next year. Haas plans to join the program for the 2022-2023 season. He called Alexander his best friend, and noted the frequent friendly competitive battles the two have during practice. Head Coach Eric Lang has talked about the growth of the program being in part because of “players recruiting other players,” with Hugo, that could also extend the saying to recruits recruiting other recruits.

As to how he came to the North American Hockey League, and is playing for the Generals this and next year, Head Coach Bryan Erikson said, that “I first saw tape of him from one of his Coaches Mike McCarthy and then I saw him play in a showcase over here. Wanted to get him over last year but he had visa issues. So we got him over here for this season and we were not disappointed! What jumps out at you when you watch Hugo for the 1st time or 50th time is his composure. He is just so calm no matter what is going on around him. He is such a calming influence on the game. He is aggressive with his positioning and he plays the puck and passes it better than most D men. That’s what jumped out and still continues to impress me.”

This year, he has been a calming presence in net for a Generals team looking to go on a run late in the season to earn a playoff spot in their division. Erikson may have set the team on the right path in that regard, as he used a timeout as a reset when the team was trailing the Johnstown Tomahawks 4-1. The team quickly scored two goals to get back in the game, and then Tertyshny scored the next two to give the Generals two badly needed points. Haas played his best, and did not concede another goal, putting up 26 saves on the day, and the Generals won 5-4.

As to the pressure of being in net, well, Haas thrives on it. He enjoys the mental challenge of being in net all game, and sees the game pretty well. His ability to stay calm in net, combined with his positioning are two things that stand out when watching him. One reason he can also handle the puck so well is because of his background. He did not play goalie full time until he was 12, and he attributes his puck handling prowess to that consistent development.

One adjustment Haas has made this year is to North American rinks. Since coming over to the NAHL, he has gotten used to increasing workloads (the width on North American rinks is 15 feet shorter than rinks in Europe, leading to faster paced, higher shot total games) and facing high shot volumes. In a way, he embodies Eric Lang’s quote on preparing for the Atlantic Hockey Tournament after a 49 day pause in between games, “pressure is privilege.”

He has another year to lead the Generals, regardless of how this year finished, and given that they will have at least two high impact players coming from the National Champion (Premier and Elite) Charlotte Rush program in the USPHL, combined with Haas in net, and a developing group around him, next year in Attleboro Massachusetts for Hugo presents an opportunity for him to finish his junior hockey career as a part of a veteran team looking to improve from whatever this year’s result is.

For this year, Haas will finish playing with one of his best friends, looking to help the Generals go on a late run to the playoffs, in two years, 94.6 miles away from Attleboro the two will be together again, playing Division One College Hockey on their path to earn a degree, and further hone their skills together for a staff with similar values to the ones Erikson and his staff preach and practice.

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NHL Pyramid: UND Fighting Hawks 2018-2019

(Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee Violent Turtle Photography)

Every year for the past few seasons, Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan and Youtuber extraordinaire, Steve Dangle, has created a prospect pyramid for the Leafs and inspired countless blogs and videos with this system. A few years ago, I created an NCAA adaptation of this with the NHL Pyramid for UND. Let’s see what this year’s tiers look like for the Fighting Hawks. This pyramid will focus on a player’s chance to make the NHL, and play at least enough games to no longer be considered a rookie.

Tier One: 75 percent or better chance 

Jacob Bernard-Docker, Jonny Tychonick, Grant Mismash, Colton Poolman

The pair of incoming recruits were both drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the first and  second rounds, respectively. Bernard-Docker, and Tychonick have played together before on a defensive pair. The two compliment each other quite well. Bernard-Docker is more of a two-way defender that can make the occasional play on offense. On the other hand, Tychonick is an offensive dynamo who is able to generate offense in bunches. Both have strong components to their game. Each defender also had the advantage of spending this summer with the newest Senator and former UND defender Christian Wolanin. They know what it takes to get drafted, and spending time learning about what to expect from Wolanin, combined with a coaching staff featuring head coach Brad Berry, who has a track record of working with and developing defenders in the pro game. How long they each spend here will be a function of their personal goals, and what happens with the Senators this season. One good thing UND fans have going for them with Bernard-Docker and Tychonick is their drafting team. Ottawa has seen what three years can do for development with Wolanin. They will not be rushed to the pro game, as the Senators already see the reward for waiting for a player to develop.

As for Mismash, the second round pick  of the Nashville Predators is in the mix for another spot on the World Juniors’ roster this year. One thing that stands out to me about his game is his consistency. Even if his stats don’t reflect themselves in the box score, he is improving in the defensive end with his positioning. The Predators’ prospect looks to earn himself more time this season, and be a key contributor for the Fighting Hawks in all situations.

As for Poolman, he is the only undrafted free agent to make this list. He has already turned down NHL offers, according to Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald. Poolman is a strong two-way defender that will be called on to lead the younger defensive corps the Fighting Hawks will have this season. He did earn an invite to Vancouver Canucks’ development camp. As a junior, look for him to embrace his captaincy for UND and lead the team from the back end. He will not jump up into every single rush for the Fighting Hawks, but when he does he usually makes good things happen. Every NHL team has a need for strong, puck-moving, and responsible two way defenders. Look for more from Colton this year, and look for him to consider his options when the season ends.

Tier Two: 50-75 percent chance

Nick Jones, Peter Thome, Colin Adams, Rhett Gardner

Each of these three players has a strong quality to their game, and something to add on this season. Nick Jones is coming off of a season where he averaged nearly a point-per-game (30 points in 34 games). He is a smaller forward who does not let his height define him. Jones plays a solid two-way game, and this season his chances of earning an NHL deal hinge on his ability to replicate his success, and show scouts his defensive prowess on the penalty kill. The NHL is filled with superb forwards under six feet, no reason why Jones can’t develop into one with a consistent well rounded game this year. His continued development and leadership will be a strong benefit to a younger UND team this season.

As for Thome, to me his rank this high is for a few reasons. First, he earned multiple games in net from a national champion goalie (Cam Johnson who signed a pro deal with the New Jersey Devils upon his season ending) because of his calming play. The Minneapolis native is 6’4″ and uses every bit of his frame to cover a lot of net.Thome plays a smooth game as a netminder. He does not make a lot of highlight reel saves because his positioning and frame allow him not to have that as a constant need. The Columbus Blue Jackets’ prospect gained key experience going up against high-powered teams last season in his limited time. What Thome can build on this season, is lateral movement and puck handling this year. If Thome can improve his lateral game to help his defense out, combined with his superb glove play and positioning he could rise to the top tier here relatively soon. The other issue for Thome is Columbus itself. While Sergei Bobrovsky is locked in as the starter,  Thome will have to develop for a few more years at UND and then look to move up from Columbus’ AHL team, the Cleveland Monsters’ soon.

The Blue Jackets have three goalies that are drafted and not signed, just like Thome. His toughest competition within the system comes from Elvis Merzlikins playing overseas for HC Lugano in Switzerland this year. Look for Thome’s game to take the next step as he moves into a full time starting role for the Fighting Hawks this season.

As for Colin Adams, he showed flashes of brilliance with his goal scoring prowess this year. He scored a goal in two of his first three games last year. Adams only finished with five tallies but still profiles as a strong sniper able to generate offense as needed, especially on the power play. With one year under his belt, I look for him to have an improved season as long as his defense can allow him to generate more ice time and therefore more goal scoring chances. Good, and cheap goal scoring is always in demand in the NHL, Adams developing his game to get more time on the ice will allow him to better showcase his skills. He put up 51 goals in two seasons in the USHL. If Adams can earn more ice time he will score more this season. The Islanders will be closely watching their prospect develop this season.

Finally, while I think Rhett Gardner has developed dramatically in his time at UND, he is in this tier more as a function of who else the Stars have and the amount of time I expect him to spend in the AHL. Rhett will get an NHL look and very soon, but he will be competing against Riley Tufte and other forwards who possess Rhett’s same defensive prowess, but are able to score a few more goals more consistently than Rhett has shown so far. Will Rhett Gardner play in the NHL? In my opinion, yes. Will that happen before a longer stint in the AHL than some other Stars’ prospects, I don’t know. Gardner has a senior season ahead of him to build the offensive side of his game and become a leading goal scorer for UND.

Tier Three: 25-49.9 percent chance of making the NHL

Jasper Weatherby, Gabe Bast, Gavin Hain

The Oregon native is a strong power forward that the Sharks thought enough of to trade up to get in the fourth round of the 2018 NHL Draft. He developed in the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) with the Wenatchee Wild. He put up 106 points in 104 BCHL games. Weatherby is 6’4″ like Thome and will see immediate chances on UND in at least a bottom-six role. If he showcases the gains he has made in his game over the summer, combined with the needs of the team he could get even more time. UND develops all types of forwards, but, like Austin Poganski before him, he is a strong two-way player that will develop into an all around player at the NCAA level.

As for Bast, he came off shoulder surgery as a freshman and only played 27 games on defense for UND. I think he is a potential gem for the Fighting Hawks for a few reasons. Bast’s physical style of play and responsibility on the back end will help open up opportunities for UND’s offensive-minded defenseman this season. In addition, there is offensive potential not discovered at this level for Bast. He can generate offense as shown in his last full season of junior hockey, he put up 40 points (9 goals, 31 assists) in 49 regular season games for Penticton.

Gavin Hain was also drafted this offseason by Dave Hakstol’s Flyers. Look for him to compete for time on ice with sophomores Jordan Kawaguchi and Colin Adams, just to name a few. He will develop here for a few years, and has an impressive background playing for the USA National Development Team before coming to UND.

Tier Four: Everyone Else

As for every other UND player, I hope to be proven wrong. This team has a lot of depth this year, including senior leader Hayden Shaw.  The point is to say that this team, like every college hockey team, has a lot of depth and players develop at irregular intervals and times.

Also, college hockey championships are not won without depth players. Regardless of NHL capability, every player on this roster is here for a reason and belongs on this team.

Finally, UND has over 40 players playing in pro leagues around the world. To me that means that all players are being scouted every game by pro organizations around the world. Look for a lot out of everyone on this team this season. I hope multiple people not named on this list make the NHL and prove me wrong.



Expansion Draft Three Thoughts

The NHL Expansion Draft is now complete. The Vegas Golden Knights have their initial roster. They selected 30 players and traded for a few more. By the end of the night Vegas ended up with 12 picks in the 2017 draft. Five of those picks are in the first two rounds. Here are some quick thoughts on what took place tonight.

  • Why on earth did Florida give up Reily Smith just to lose a 30 goal scorer in Jonathan Marchessault? I get that Florida is not a cap team, but in my mind you cannot justify giving up a player who is just a year removed from a 50 point season in a third line role. Smith will bring some needed depth scoring to Vegas right away. To me this was the worse trade of the night for a team losing a player to the Golden Knights. While yes, the Panthers gained five million dollars in cap room, they lost two promising players who can score with some regularity. The Panthers still have a bright outlook next year, but they now need a bit more out of their up and comers and have to hope Jaromir Jagr comes back for another season. Florida just gave up 88 points between the two from last season to rid themselves of five million dollars in cap room.
  • Look for Vegas to pick up another goalie or more shortly. Tonight they selected Calvin Pickard, Marc-Andre Fleury, and J.F Berube. Berube was selected as part of a deal with the Islanders where Vegas also took on the contract of injured forward Mikhail Grabovski, and Jake Bischoff. The former Isles goalie has an expiring contract, and Vegas needs multiple goalies for its AHL and ECHL teams. Pickard is a serviceable backup that can start when called upon. Look for the Golden Knights to draft multiple goalies as well. Jake Oettinger out of Boston University would be one possible choice for them. He could move through their system quickly and start for them in three years.
  • Vegas has a lot of options with some of the players it picked up. Teams are willing to pay a premium for quality defenseman like Marc Methot, and Vegas wants more picks and assets to help them build for the future. Dallas has let teams know they are looking at moving their third pick and need help on their blue line. The Golden Knights have plenty of options and could put together a package to get that pick.



Thoughts on the New NHL Hawks

With UND’s season ending multiple players have signed NHL deals over the past week and a half. Here are some thoughts about what each player brings to their new squad.

Brock Boeser-Vancouver Canucks

Canucks fans, do you like having a consistent sniper on the wing who can score more than 30 goals a season and out skate the other team? If so Brock Boeser could one day soon be the answer to the eternal, ‘who plays with the Sedins’ ?, conundrum. The Minnesota native had wrist surgery and missed the World Juniors. When he was out, UND’s scoring fell off as its more physical players instantly faced tougher match ups. When Brock is on he can score goals at a blistering pace. He also has the capacity to be a consistent defensively responsible forward depending on how he is used. If you have a tough goal-scoring winger that can back check,well, ask any Capitals fan about how rare it is to have a player like that on your team.

Tucker Poolman-Winnipeg Jets

The East Grand Forks native is recovering from multiple shoulder injuries. When healthy he will be the Jets’ fifth or sixth defenseman next season. Tucker Poolman has a booming point shot and knows how to not get caught trying to do too much. Pairing Poolman with an offensive minded left shot defenseman would give the Jets the best of both worlds. They would get a reliable defender who can score when needed, which would allow another one of their defenseman to take more chances. This could benefit someone like Josh Morrissey who , so far, has not come close to matching his WHL output.

Tyson Jost-Colorado Avalanche

Tyson Jost leaving is the biggest blow to UND. He is a complete player who has broken Connor McDavid’s scoring record in the U-18 World Championship. Tyson is a dominant two-way forward that will be at the core of Colorado’s rebuild. In his brief time at UND, Jost has routinely scored highlight-reel goals and made strong plays defensively. The new Avalanche forward can produce a point per game as well as be a future Selke trophy candidate if he continues to play his strong defensive game. Jost had an integral part getting Canada to the semifinals in the U18 World Championships in April, a key role in getting UND back to the NCAA tournament, and will be asked to do the same thing for the Avalanche as he develops.

Seamore Sports on David Snape Show

Recently, I had a chance to go on the David Snape Show. David is a British blogger and radio host that discusses a wide variety of topics on his blog and weekly radio show. The interview with me starts at about the 45 minute mark. The whole show is an outstanding medley of sports,politics,and music that deserves a listen. Thanks to David for having me on the show to talk about NHL hockey.

David Snape Show 20/6/16 – Listen right now

SeasonReview/Look Ahead-Brock Boeser

Burnsville,MN native Brock Boeser came to UND as a highly touted recruit with  a shot that moved like lighting and when true, would send the fans to a thunderous applause.The Vancouver Canucks selected him in the first round with pick number 23 in last summer’s draft. The talented forward came to UND after deciding not to go to the University of Wisconsin. Brock was considered to be the star recruit of UND’s 11 freshman class coming into the 2015-2016 season.

Brock would not keep UND fans waiting long as the hype soon became reality as Boeser gave UND fans a taste of what to expect with a hat trick against Bemidji State in his first regular season home game at Ralph Englestad Arena this year. Throughout the year Boeser would always seem to be in the right place at the right time to notch a key goal. His shot is so quick. Brock ended the season with 60 points including 27 goals in 42 games.

Brock does a great job picking his locale in the net before he shoots the puck. He has a quicker release time than any college hockey player I have seen, and often knows just where to aim for each goal. Coming into this season, Boeser is an early favorite for the Hobey Baker Award,given to the best player in college hockey.

Most UND fans were shocked and happy that Brock chose to return for his second season. His return allows UND to potentially retain two thirds of the vaunted CBS line that lit up college defenseman and goalies on a weekly basis. With Tyson Jost coming to campus, UND has a potential to have a line with three first round draft picks  on it if Nick Schmaltz comes back for another season.

In the future, Boeser will not need much time at the AHL if any.We think Boeser is better than some of the forwards that the Canucks deployed on their third line this past season. We expect Boeser to command top power play minutes and be on the first line in Vancouver in two years at the max. Brock Boeser is a superstar and soon Canucks fans will see what Waterloo (USHL) and UND fans already know. He can change the game in an instant and his mere presence on the ice will make your entire team better.

Grade: 10/10


Potential to Trade-Edmonton

Coming into the 2016 NHL draft the Edmonton Oilers are faced with  a ton of options. They can pay a steep price to move up and draft a franchise defining forward named Auston Matthews,Jesse Puljujarvi,or Patrick Laine.

That will not happen because yes, you can have too many Connor Mcdavids on your team when you need a star defenseman. There are multiple star defenseman that will be available when the Oilers pick. Edmonton has a great forward core and do not need more help right now building it out.

Depending on who they value most, there could be an incentive to trade down with a team looking to jump up to grab Logan Brown, Pierre-Luc Dubois, or Matthew Tkachuk. The Oilers’ system could use some more defensive prospects to bolster the cupboard a bit. Trading for more picks and still getting the player you want would be a slam dunk move to make. We think their trade partner will be another Canadian team with different prospect needs.

Who to trade with? Well, some teams right below them could be looking to move up to grab one of those elite forwards. Vancouver would require the least return for the Canucks to give up, but since the Canucks have a small amount of draft picks this year, do not look for that to happen.

We think Edmonton should trade with Montreal. The Canadiens have an extra second round pick and could use that and a future late round pick to move up to four. The Habs could use that pick on a big physical center like Logan Brown.

The Oilers could add depth to their prospect pool and use that first round pick on Mikhail Sergachyov. The Russian defenseman plays a physical,two way game, and can provide Edmonton with some much needed grit with a little offensive upside to compliment it. The Windsor Spitfire (OHL) had a 57 point for the regular season this past year and has proven to be a strong puck passing defenseman who knows where to be on the ice at all times. If Mikhail can improve his point production this year, he will be ready to play in the NHL next season.