Tone set: How AIC earned a 3-1 win over Sacred Heart

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AIC Head Coach Eric Lang was blunt. He started the line lead by Eric Otto. Lang did so because that group played well in the series opener. Also he did it because “Starting Otto was about setting the tone for how we wanted to play. They were magnificent.” He also added for their starts that “ Discipline was eternities better. I loved our start to every period. ( We had a ) Tremendous intensity.”

Tonight AIC played a much more in character game, getting better chances and limiting Sacred Heart’s . As Lang said “ We were all business in our approach. Our guys are playing for each other. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.”

Lang added on the goals featuring Brian Kramer(BK) and the depth of AIC that “ 1st goal is BK using his tremendous instincts, after we got the puck in Behind them a bit.

Our PP goal was something our players saw in a pre scout. It was high end all the way around.

3rd goal we knew 33 likes to play the puck so we wanted make sure we hurried him.”

Lang went on to praise each of his starting goalies from the weekend. As he said “ AC and Kuch we’re tremendous. They are taking on the personality of our hockey team right. (They bring the) 2nd and 3rd effort, competitive, and calm.”

Now AIC gets ready for a series against a Holy Cross team that has only gotten better since AIC saw them last. The Crusaders will be ready to work to take six points, and Lang’s group will need to bring their best to be competitive. Holy Cross has developed as the year goes on, and they know how to win big games. AIC cannot let off of what they are doing so well. They know how to string wins, they need to keep going and let their play do the loudest talking.

4-2 for 9: How AIC earned its ninth win in a row

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AIC has won most of its games when they were the better team. In the series opener, their opponent, Sacred Heart, got more chances, but Eric Lang’s group still prevailed in the end. Lang’s group was outshot 31-18 and had to kill off multiple penalties into the third including two full minutes of five on three time. In the third they only conceded one goal.

Lang said of the win “Very good teams find different ways to win games. Tonight we checked a box where our will had to get us to the finish line.” To put the game away, that will was punctuated by Austen Long who iced it with an empty netter. He and Eric Otto were integral parts of the penalty kill which came up big in the series opener. Lang said of Otto “Eric Otto was beyond brilliant. Heartbeat of our hockey team tonight.”Of his penalty kill winning the game, and it’s architect, Assistant Coach Matthew Woodard, Lang said “Amazing. Hats off to the gutsy effort and Woody had a tremendous plan.”

Lang was happy with the will, but wants his team to stay out of the box. They took four penalties resulting in power plays in the third. As Lang said “ When you have the lead in the 3rd you can’t take penalties. Period. Stop. “

Of defender Brian Kramer, who Lang has consistently praised, Lang said “ BK since we got back from Christmas has been elite. His brain,compete, and skill are as good as any defenseman in this league.” Kramer scored the winning goal for the Yellow Jackets in the second period.

AIC plays the series finale at 1 PM Eastern time against a team that outplayed them in transition in terms of shots generated. The team leads a very tight Atlantic Hockey Association race by six points.

Jake Stella: How AIC has helped him grow

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For Jake Stella, a junior forward at AIC who is having the best year of his college career so far, hockey was always a part of his his life growing up in Sweden.

“I started at a young age, it was always soccer and hockey for me.” He went with hockey at the age of 15 and didn’t look back. Stella has gone on this year to have a career year passing his totals in goals , assists, and points with half a season left to play.

He came to AIC because “I just think it was the right fit for me as a player and a person. It’s been a great experience for me and I’m glad I choose AIC.”

Before that, Stella came over to play junior hockey, working his way up from the South Shore Kings of the NCDC before playing for the Corpus Christi Icerays in the NAHL.

“I didn’t really think about taking the college path until my senior year in high school.” He started exploring his options during his senior year in high school. South Shore’s NCDC team is where he went first. “I’m glad I took that chance.”

While with the Kings, he took some time to adjust to the North American game. He said “It definitely took me some time ( to adjust to the North American sheet of ice) but once I settled in I felt comfortable.”

He talked to former assistant coach Mike Towns at the Top Prospects game ans that sealed the deal. That was the first time he talked with any one from AIC

On playing with freshman Evan Stella, his brother, “ it’s a very cool experience. For me personally I look forward to seeing him develop as a player and a person.”

He let Evan know about his AIC experience without pushing him to come.”I just tried to share my experience with him.”

Stella wants to stay around the game of hockey long after his time as a player for as long as possible. Hockey is his life, and he wants to be involved with the game for as long as it will have him.

On Head Coach Eric Lang “He’s one of the best coaches I’ve had in my career so far, it’s very easy to play for him.” He praised how Lang has built the culture and the team over time. “There’s a lot of things you could say about him.. just the culture he brings into the locker room… it’s very special.”

On Lang’ and his staff staff, Stella credits them for “having the trust and belief they put in me.”

On his career year he is having on the ice “it’s been a fun year so far.. the offense hasn’t shown in previous years but I always know that I’m capable of it. I just try to take advantage of every chance I’ve got. It’s been a fun year so far. Obviously I couldn’t have done it without my l, Chris Theodore and Justin Young.”

AIC earns 6-3 sweep over Mercyhurst: Now what?

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For AIC, their 6-3 sweep of Mercyhurst again featured quality up and down the lineup. Head Coach Eric Lang was positive about his team and singled out two players. He said of Austen Long “ Long is the heartbeat of our hockey program. I have the utmost belief and respect for him.” Of his linemate, Darwin Lakoduk , and Long again Lang added “ Darwin keeps getting better and better. Quite honestly I could probably play with Austen Long right now. 44 is everything that’s right about our program. Our backcheck continues to be the best part of our program. It’s hard to play against. Longs backcheck late in the 3rd period was inspiring.” The strength of this group is in its depth. Lang doesn’t look to label his fourth line on paper as a “fourth line” and with that tries to deploy players closer .

As for Mercyhurst, Head Coach Rick Gotkin was clear in takeaways from the series.

He said “We like to think we can and are learning to get better every day and this weekend was no different. I guess the big take away is you battle back from 4-1 and get it to 4-3 with 7:30 left in the third period and you are starting to really get going. Then you take a very bad penalty and it seals your fate.
I thought we showed once agin that we are never out of a game, and I really liked our effort and determination.”

For AIC, they now get ready to face a veteran laden Sacred Heart team fighting for a first round bye. The Pioneers do not have as much skill as the Lakers but right now have a more well rounded team. AIC has to keep this play going on their eight game winning streak up to have a chance. This AIC team is one of the deepest that Eric Lang has had, and they will have to be at their best to face a Sacred Heart team with a similar level of experience. That back check has to continue for Lang’s group to have a chance of earning six points against Sacred Heart.

For Mercyhurst, they head home to face an Air Force Group that had AIC on their heels two weeks ago before earning a sweep at home over Niagara. If the Lakers can strike first against a punchy but inexperienced Falcons team and get them out of sorts, then they could work towards six needed conference points at home.

AIC 5 Mercyhurst 4: What happened and now what?

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Since coming to AIC, Brian Rigali has had the biggest impact on a scoresheet of his five year college career playing for the school he almost went to four years ago. The graduate transfer is taking advantage of AIC’s superb MBA program off the ice, and today put forth an effort that had his group in the business of scoring goals. Rigali now has 17 points in his last 12 games for AIC and already has a career year in goals, assists, and in points in nearly half the time of his best season at UConn.

Rigali’s offense drove AIC forward in the positive, but Head Coach Eric Lang was not happy about the defensive lapses his team had. They allowed a skilled Mercyhurst team to push back into the game multiple times, and nearly gave up Mercyhurst’s third extra attacker goal in their last two games. Lang said this on the things that must change. “We will have to be eternities better tomorrow. We didn’t meet the standard in terms of effort and execution today. In fact we weren’t even close.”As to what the Lakers did and AIC didn’t do that lead to Lang saying that he also said “We had a lot of holes in our game today. Credit Mercyhurst for capitalizing on our mistakes. We were loose, reckless with the puck, and did things that will ultimately cost us hockey games. The beauty of the sport we play, is when you don’t play the right way, it’s extremely punitive.”

Lang did credit one player for his work as the best non goal scorer of the night. He said of Austen Long who is earning himself more playing time every night “ Austen Long continues to be one of the best players on the ice. His effort, energy, and leadership is top notch.”

As to Mercyhurst’s best player, Lang had some interesting things to say motivated in part by the chirps of said player.Lang said “ They are loaded with skill up and down their line up.They transition extremely well and if you give them chances off the rush they can make you pay.” Dante Sheriff had one of the best nights for the Lakers and Lang singled him out as a player who had a superb evening with a goal and one who drove play for the Lakers pretty frequently.

For AIC to have a game more to their style, they need to start and finish like they did in the third. Mercyhurst threatened, but AIC held firm and did not allow any markers.

For Mercyhurst , Head Coach Rick Gotkin said of his team’s effort “Not much really changed I thought the game played out pretty much the way we thought. AIC does not give you a lot. We had a couple of good chances to make it 5-5 but we did not capitalize on them.”

He added as his team came close to again coming back with an extra attacker goal “We really like our team we have a lot of very good parts. We are missing a few of those parts but other guys have stepped up for us as has been the case all year. We are close but we need to find away to get over the hump on a consistent basis.”

Like Austen Long, Gotkin praised one of his consistent players who didn’t score today. Of Paul Maust he said “We had a few non goal scorers like Paul that played good. Paul just works and works and works pretty much all the time. He really does a lot of the tough hard stuff that others sometimes really don’t want to do.”

Gotkin summed up what his team has to work on succinctly. He said “at the end of the day if you have to score 6 goal to win that’s very tough especially against a team like AIC.”

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AIC-Mercyhurst: Some things to watch for

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Mercyhurst Head Coach Rick Gotkin was direct when asked about playing back to back to back Atlantic Hockey Champions AIC.

He said “ This will be a great test for our team. AIC has proven the past three years that they are the best team in our conference and until someone else can win the regular season and or the playoff championship that won’t change. I am excited to see how we match up against them. We will have to play very well for sixty minutes with and without the puck, stay out of the penalty box, and take advantage of our chances.”

For Mercyhurst, the Lakers cannot get in a back and forth game with AIC or go down early on and rely on a late heroics against AIC. That would spell trouble for a very skilled Lakers team that can fly under the radar in the second half of Atlantic Hockey play.

For AIC Head Coach Eric Lang had some praise for the Lakers. “They can score any place anytime. Their transition is as good as any team we have seen this season.This is as good as any team in this league. With more than half the league schedule to go, we don’t judge any team in our league where they are. Atlantic Hockey has no bottom.”

The Yellow Jackets have to force Mercyhurst to take hustle penalties. That is ones taken on long shifts because AIC is holding the puck in their end. Also this team has to get off to the same start they did in their first game against Bentley. If they can match the skill and pace of the Lakers with their depth, that is how they will have good things happen this weekend. AIC is the veteran team this weekend, and they need to play the consistent game they have been rolling for the last six games. Lang does not care about winning streaks, but he does care about effort.

f AIC has any gaps in that effort, the Lakers will exploit them. If Lang gets his consistent games that his group has been playing recently, then AIC is more likely to dictate the path of each game than the visitors. This series will be one where speed and skill of the visitors meets depth, speed, skill, and versatility of the home team.

Gary Wright: A Pillar for AIC and the underdog in College Hockey

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For AIC Hockey, the first thing nearly everyone outside of the program talks about is its culture. Eric Lang has taken this team to three Atlantic Hockey Championships in a row and multiple NCAA Tournmaments in a row in part because he has players that love the culture he has helped establish. Well, Lang, as the second division one head coach in this program had decades of help from its first coach at this level, his friend, former coach, and mentor for life, Gary Wright. Lang, and Coordinator of Communications Seth Dussault both would not be where they are with AIC without Grary Wright. With Wright receiving the John “Snooks” Kelley Founders Award from the AHCA, both have a lot to say about their mentor, and their friend on what he means to them, and all he has done. The award “honors those people in the coaching profession who have contributed to the overall growth and development of the sport of ice hockey in the United States.”

First, as to what Wright did with what he had at AIC , Eric Lang put emphasis on this

” Gary had some outstanding teams, some of the best in AIC history. He did this with one hand tied behind his back. He was never afforded the resources we have to date. He is an all time coach in every sense of the word. He could coach swimming, hockey, wrestling, you name the sport he would have been a great coach. Everything he taught us as players and for me later as a coach is about doing things the right way. It’s hard for me to quantify the impact he has had on my life. One thing is for certain. I’m not here answering these questions without him.

Coach Wright’s story goes far and above wins and losses. It’s way deeper than that. Get 3-4 AIC hockey players in a room and we can’t get a sentence out without talking about him and the impact he has made on all of our lives.Get 3-4 coaches (there are a lot of us in this business because of him) and we can’t not bring up a Coach Wright story. In terms of AIC historically being an underdog. There is certainly some truth to that but we never believed it. He never ever made an excuse.” Lang never backs down from challenging schedules, and that is one of the many things he shares in common with Gary Wright. While AIC may always be considered an underdog by those outside of its walls, this program has always viewed itself as able to compete with anyone. That common belief started with Wright.

Lang felt that Wright took chance on him as he talked about after AIC played Uconn yesterday , he said “Gary is one of the most important people in my life. He gave a very below-average hockey player an opportunity to play college hockey and the same below-average hockey player with zero coaching experience an opportunity there. He’s as special a person as there is. Any time you spend over 30 years at one institution, affecting the lives that he has, it’s pretty neat. It’s an award well-deserved and warranted. A lot of things we do are things I learned from Gary.”

Dussault noted that as to his involvement with AIC Hockey, that would not have happened without Wright.

He said “Coach Wright made it a point of ensuring that I could be a part of things. The opportunities I had – traveling with the team, being around practices, being involved in general – it wasn’t that he tolerated my presence, but that he actively wanted me to be part of the team. He made sure I got to travel with the team, and that came out of the team’s budget, but it was worth it to him. The extra experience and opportunities to hone my craft made me better at my job, and I also got to go to incredible places – Penn State, Michigan, Air Force, Maine, you name it – and be part of some amazing moments, like beating PSU in overtime in the first varsity game for the Nittany Lions. I’ll never forget Jon Puskar tipping that shot in with under 30 seconds left in OT after 61 saves by Ben Meisner, nor will I forget Coach quipping as he sat down to do the postgame presser in front of dozens of reporters that he wasn’t used to such large numbers of media.”

Both Lang and Dussault talked about Wright’s building of what AIC Hockey is and what the culture of it is. Lang said it best as he discussed what defines AIC Hockey, traits that Wrifhr has ensured are to be at the center of all the players and staff that are fortunate enough to be a part of the family that AIC is , family that Wright helped grow “Integrity,honor, honesty and accountability. If every NCAA hockey coach conducted himself like Coach Wright did their would be no need for an NCAA rule book. Coach never worked in the grey area. He cared about developing people and was never in the excuse business. The word culture has become a buzz word the last 5 years. Gary was hard-lined on bringing in great people. He measured twice and cut once in that area.”

From Lang, apart from Wright being a strong competitor, he took the time to discuss how detail oriented everything Wright did was, and how ahead of his time he was in teaching aspects of the game. As Lang describes “Their are so many. The one thing as a player is nothing superseded sportsmanship and playing the right way. He was no nonsense in this area. His teams were always the most disciplined in the country. I have always said this; Coach Wright was so far ahead of his time in terms of skill development, creativity, allowing your players to make plays. Til this day nobody ran a better practice. Never a puck out of place or any disorganization. Puck possession, going backwards with puck, puck support, getting your defenseman involved in the offense. Coach was doing this in the mid 80’s. It’s one of our pillars as a program today. The right way. It’s my Gary Wright pillar.”

As to stories, Dussault had three he wanted to highlight involving Wright.

They are as follows “ We were at Bentley University back in the days of the old JAR, before their new rink. A pass comes across from the left point to the right, ramps up off a stick, and hits Coach square across the face, pretty sure it was along his right cheekbone. He’s bleeding pretty badly. And all he does is grab a towel from our athletic trainer, stuff it up against his face, and finish coaching the game. Nothing mattered more to him than his team.

( second) When Coach was closing in on his 300th win, the league reached out to me asking to do a story about it, which necessitated a quote from him. We were on the road to a game at the time, and so I walked to the front of the bus to ask him for one. He wasn’t thrilled about it – not that I was asking, so much as he just didn’t want the story to be about him, because that meant taking away from the guys. Ultimately, of course, he relented.
(Finally) This last one, grab some Kleenex before you start reading. You’ll need it.

Back in 2012, we had a young student named Emily come to our campus. Emily loved hockey more than anything in the world. And her decision to come to AIC was based solely on seeing us play Sacred Heart near her home in southern Connecticut. She wanted to be involved. And like he did with me, Coach found a way. He had her helping out in the office, helping with gear, anything that he could think of to get her around the team.
Emily had epilepsy. It had a significant impact on her life, and in 2013 she had a surgery to attempt to correct the issue leading to it. I’ll never forget getting the phone call after she woke up. She wanted to talk to me a bit, and wanted to talk to Coach Wright. We were at Bentley, and it was maybe 90 minutes before game time. I brought Coach the phone, which of course normally you’d never want to bother him as he’s getting ready for a game, but as soon as I said it was her, he dropped everything and went to talk to her.
Emily unfortunately passed away in 2014. I still don’t know what happened, beyond that she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. It was devastating. And I remember being the one to tell Coach. Might be the only time I’ve come close to hearing him cry. Suffice it to say, our entire team went to the memorial service they had for her in her hometown in Connecticut. Coach Wright’s compassion made such an impact on Emily and on her family. Her dad reached out to me today actually when he saw he won the award from the AHCA to express his continued gratitude.”

To wrap this up, both of these men who are now pillars in the AIC community would not be where they are without the help of Wright. Lang summed it up best in saying something we think Seth would agree with, and many of those who have gone on from AIC to do great things with the game of hockey or in another field would agree with “It’s hard for me to quantify the impact he has had on my life. One thing is for certain. I’m not here answering these questions without him.”

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AIC earns 3-1 win over UConn: read more

Photo Credit Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

AIC earned a 3-1 win over the UConn Huskies tonight. In the process they got their first non conference win of the season and did so against a team that has a lot of similarities to their next opponent, Mercyhurst. AIC won this game on goals from Chris Van Os-Shaw, Chris Theodore, and Luis Lindner. Jake Kucharski played another sound game in net keeping AIC in things even during the few minutes in the second period where the Huskies out played them.

Lindner provided the insurance goal, he said “ I don’t really remember just how I started I just had the opportunity to skate and beat my guy up the ice then Eric Otto hit me with a great pass and it was a great team goal. We adjusted our game throughout and got on the board and everything kept rolling for us.”

For him, he is a rookie defender that has played beyond his years in the second half , winning multiple Atlantic Hockey Rookie of the Week awards. He said “ I have to thank my coaches for giving me their trust and throwing me on the ice in every situation.”

On how AIC worked together to beat UConn and win more puck battles he said ,”It’s not all the time the bigger teams win the hockey game. It’s how the teams work together and how the teams compete. That’s what makes us so good competing against bigger and stronger teams. We have to work together as a group and stay tight.”

On the night, Jake Kucharski played well and made 24 saves on the evening. Kucharski said “ I thought we started well and didn’t look back. Everyone contributed tonight and it was the definition of a team win.”

On playing through big sequences in the second and keeping his team in it he said, “Once you’re having fun and genuinely enjoying the game it doesn’t seem like a chore out there. I was just having fun.”

One reason Kucharski has played so well is AIC’s goalie coach, Patrick Tabb. He praised goalie coach Patrick Tabb for his availability, “ I think that’s an important thing to have in a goalie coach.” Tabb is a great coach that focuses on personal instruction which Jake also praised.

Head Coach Eric Lang was quite happy with things, saying “ I thought our collective group was really really strong tonight. That’s as skilled and as talented of a team as we’ve seen in a long time tonight. We had to do a good job taking care of pucks and making a muddy track in the neutral zone. I’m happy for ( UConn transfer) Brian Rigali, our guys were playing for Rigs tonight.”

On potentially playing the other game against UConn if the chance arises he said that “I think in this Covid Era that we are playing games in .. if there’s an opportunity to play games that’s what we want to do.”

Lang does not and will not back down for the schedule his group plays every year. He said “We don’t back off of who we play in our non league schedule.. every non league opponent we’ve played this year could be a tournament team. There isn’t a team in the country that we don’t think we could go up and down the ice with.” Lang also praised the work of Kucharski in net saying “We wouldn’t trade Kuch for anyone right now.. he’s got another gear too. That’s his upside.”

Lang praised the growth of Austen Long as a team player. He said “Longer’s in the best shape of his life right now. He’s one of the most courageous players I’ve ever coached. He’s a guy that’s fully bought in to anything we’ve asked of him. It’s all about the team (for him).. it’s all about the team.”Long’s fourth line had a big part in the win tonight.

Lang echoed Lindner’s sentiments on the won puck battles as a sign of what playing AIC Hockey is, saying, “That’s kind of what we do here .. we preach that it’s not how big you are it’s how big you play.”

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Sunday Success: AIC 5 Holy Cross 2-Read more

Photo Credit:Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

How do you know your leadership group handles things well? Give them an intermission to adress the team trailing 2-1 and see how your group responds. This is what happened to AIC. Eric Lang’s group found itself down 2-1 after the first to Holy Cross. They did not panic. Instead as Lang said the “ message was clear and direct. We were getting occupied with things that were not about winning the hockey game. Our leadership took over from there. Very proud of them. (We had) complete internal accountability and guys holding each other accountable.”

Lang went on to praise transfer leader Brian Rigali for his play as he is having a career year on offense. Lang Said “ thegame was a street fight and that’s the environment that suits Riggs the best. He’s an absolute warrior that plays a foot taller than everybody else on the ice.”

Lang also singled out the work of his special teams units for adjusting today. He said “Our players made the best adjustments with great execution. We had some stuff we saw in video that needed tweaking. Chris Theodore on the PP right now is playing a video game. “

Moving forward Lang is positive about his team’s outlook. He said “we have historically been a second half team. Our non league schedule certainly prepared us for when the ice gets hard.”

Lang’s group has to get ready to play a UConn team 19th in the pairwise on Tuesday night . Lang said “We need to recover and hit the reset button. Our group will be ready.”

In net, Alec Calvaruso has earned the trust of the group and had a good game today. Lang said “AC has earned our trust he’s a gamer and a grade A competitor. Most importantly he’s the most unbelievable teammate to be around.” Holy Cross got their first goals in six games against AIC and Lang was happy with how his team played in the series. Now the group gets ready for the Huskies on Tuesday.

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AIC Earns 2-0 Road win over Holy Cross: Read more

Photo Credit:Kelsey Lee -Violet Turtle Photography

For AIC to go places this year, they have to play their game for a full 60 minutes. Tonight they did just that, earning a 2-0 shutout over Holy Cross. Hear from Head Coach Eric Lang on some things he saw tonight. Chris Theodore and Eric Otto both found the scoresheet and Jake Kucharski earned the shutout in net.

On his team’s effort he said that it was “outstanding , with discipline, and we were stingy. We defended every inch of our ice tonight. I’m Very proud of our effort.”

Tonight, although he didn’t score a goal, Reggie Millete drew the praise of Lang for his work as the extra skater. Lang said “Reggie gave us great energy. Had some very high end impactful shifts and has warranted more ice time. His leadership and demeanor on the bench was high end.”

Lang noted that his team had to contend with Holy Cross’s style in saying “Holy Cross plays a hard game with a lot of effort. They make you compete.”

On the two goal scorers Lang added “Chris Theodore was the best player on the ice tonight. Eric Otto is regaining his momentum from last year.”

For adjustments for AIC tomorrow, watch their power play as Lang explained “We are gonna have to tweak some power play stuff. They did a really good job on their penalty kill.”

Finally Lang praised Kucharski’s shutout in saying “Jake was a stud. He’s really starting to come into his own.”

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