Quinton Hooker: Profile

_dsc5945-13-8Quinton Hooker, from the outside looks like another other college student but once you sit down and have a conversation with him you very quickly conclude that something is different about him. “Q”, as the Men’s basketball team calls him, is a senior guard who ,so far, this season with an average of 18.8 points per game. As a junior, Q had his break out season, playing 32 games and having an average of 20.1 points per game. In the pre-season, he was named Big Sky MVP along with 5 other guards. These are just numbers and stats, but this is not what makes him so special.

Quinton glows on the court and has strong leadership abilities per the coaching staff and other players. Growing up in Brooklyn Park Minnesota, he had a strong family background rooted in faith. This glow comes from his strong relationship with God, on Monday nights, you will find him with teammates attending the Fellowship of Christian Athletes lead by Ev and Terri Nelson. “Q” attributes his success on and off the court with his faith. With God behind his every move it seems to be given that Quinton has a very special platform to help him spread God’s word. He does not boost about his faith but instead lets it shine with his leadership on and off the court.

Off the court, “Q” likes going to movies, hanging out with friends and spending time watching sports. Not only does he have strong roots in faith, he also is very smart starting off his senior year at the University of North Dakota with a 3.33 GPA.

Jones adds long time friend to coaching staff

Today marks a new season for the Fighting Hawks Men’s Basketball Team as they bring in a new assistant coach, Brad Davidson. Head Coach, Brian Jones, said today that he only likes to hire people he trusts. Davidson played almost 20 years ago in the Australia’s professional league with Jones. Since then Davidson ended a 13-year professional career in 2009 with an astounding 600 3-pointers and 40.1 percent clip from beyond the arc, giving him the honor of having one of the NBL’s all-time best percentages. For the last seven years he has spent time as a coach.

Davidson, arrived on Friday evening with his family and will start practice with the team on Friday. Jones is hoping that with Davidson’s experience with the international players that more will want to attend UND. The coach and his family are happy to be here. They  did note the need to get bigger coats to prepare for winter.