Reasons to Love Hockey:109

Only 109 days until the San Jose Sharks try for their first Stanley Cup once again. Here is another reason why we love hockey.

The underdog stories!

Every year we see stories like Joe Pavelski lighting up the league. Pavelski is a seventh round draft pick from the University of Wisconsin. No one expected him to do this well. One of the best goalies in NHL history is Ed Belfour. Eddie the Eagle was not drafted and went on to have a great career. This year, two of UND’s best players in Troy Stecher and Drake Caggiula were not drafted. They both signed NHL deals.

UND’s third string goalie alum Tate Maris has won multiple games in the ECHL after not starting a game since his junior hockey days.We think Tate deserves a full time role somewhere in pro hockey this season.

His successor, Matt Hrynkiw won ten games for UND this year and saved their season once Cam Johnson and Matej Tomek could not play due to injury.

Comment below with some of your favorite underdog stories in hockey.The best part is, no one is wrong. The stars shine bright in hockey. Talent arises to the surface in the best players no matter their draft status.

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