110 Reasons to Love Hockey: 107-The Players

Reason #107:

Today’s reason to love hockey is favorite players. During the course of the short time, we have been running this blog, I have had the honor to interview my favorite past University of North Dakota player, Aaron Dell. He played for UND when I was going to school at the university the first time in 2010. The reason he is one of my favorite players is because of how much work he has put in since college.Dell has succeeded and earned a contract in the NHL based on his hard work and outstanding play in the AHL. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happens when free agency opens up on the first of July.

One of my current UND players, I would have to say is Austin Poganski. I remember my first game last season back at the Ralph Englestad Arena. It was such an exciting game that ended with a penalty shot. Everything was electric, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

We want to hear who your favorite players and why. Let us know in the comments!


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  1. My favorite player is probably Matt Frattin’s co-Hobey runner up. I lived in Ohio for a couple years and got season tickets to the Blue Jackets. Cam Atkinson would randomly announce on twitter from the locker room that he’ll be signing autographs outside the team store.

    I had him sign a jersey and my young daughter who is super shy had a stuffed Stinger (mascot) with her. She went up to Cam and asked him if he could sign her Stinger doll and he signed the jersey on the stuffed animal and made a comment that they where the same size jersey (he is pretty small). Ever since then she’s been fairly obsessed and it really helped contribute to her fondness of the game. Partially due to that, she loves going to Sioux games especially, but I can also bring her to U18s, Moose Games, Force games, what ever . . . she doesn’t even need an iPod when she’s there.


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