Hockey Media Day- Cam Johnson


I recently got to have a conversation with Cam Johnson. The junior netminder is a Michigan native. Johnson had a remarkable season even after a rough start to last season. He completed the season with a 1.66 GAA and .935 SVS%.

Gage Asumus, said that “He is just so athletic and so competitive that he just doesn’t want to let the puck go and get behind him. I think that is what makes him so great!” He is a big reason for UND win of the national championship and I am looking forward to seeing what he does this season!

 How did backing up Zane your first year prepare you for taking over the stating role?

Zane had a large impact on helping me mature and prepare for college hockey. He helped me develop my game and my experience in the game.

 How did your time in both Fargo and Waterloo prepare you for College Hockey?

 I think that USHL is a big stepping stone before coming to college because a lot of the players are commits. Going to the Calder Cup finals twice with Waterloo, helped with learning how to play in big games and was a lot of fun.

Talk about your experience at the Pittsburg Penguins Development Camp?

  Going to the development camp was a lot of fun. It was good for me to see an NHL camp and what it takes to be a professional goalie, along with seeing the aspects of pro hockey.

You have a large social media presence and have, on occasion, liked some of your critics’ tweets after a tough night. Why?

 I think it is funny, you know these people can be your best friend one night and turn on you the next night. My critics’ fuel the fire I have to play a better game. I like to let them know I am seeing what they are posting and hoping that maybe they will think twice before posting something.

What are your goals on and off the ice for the season?

 My goal is always to win. I love winning, but I hate losing more then I love winning. So I just want to win more games on the ice. Off the ice I want to become a better person. The coaching staff are always doing what they can to make sure we are well rounded humans off the ice.

For a fan that has never seen you play, describe your goaltending style.

I think my goaltending style is laid back and relaxed. You have to be confident.


Which skater on an opposing team has the best shot and why?

Austin Ortega, University of Nebraska-Omaha, I played on the same team with him when I was in Fargo and then to play against him now. He has a very accurate shot.


Which skater on UND has the best shot and why?

Chris Wilkie has to have the hardest shot. He just has a good release. Jost, Gersich, Boeser are all very accurate. It hard to say because I think everyone is a good player.


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