Iowa Wild- Alex Tuch

Alex Tuch, Syracuse NY, is a right wing/center and was drafted in the 1st round by the Minnesota Wild. At six foot four his size alone makes it easier to protect the puck, he towers over other players and it makes for an impressive forcheck. Tuch spend two years at Boston College and this is his first season with the Iowa Wild. I got to talk with him after the Moose vs Wild game in Grand Forks ND on October 7 2016.

When making the decision to sign this year he said he wanted to take the next step and wanted to work on his development as a hockey player. Boston College is also upholding his scholarship for the next five years, Tuch has every intention on finishing his degree. Even though he was pretty solid in his decision to leave and start his professional career he misses the college and the people. Tuch said that his favorite part of the wild is the fans, being in the state of hockey. They have a large following at Boston but nothing too crazy but nothing compared to Minnesota. “It’s defiantly a special place to play and a great organization all around.” He wants to work on his game away from the puck defensively, puck management through the neutral zone. When talking about who he models his game after he said Corey Perry. Tuch went through the National Team development program, Ann Arbor, was incredible. The biggest thing that helped him was the strength coach, Darryl Nelson, turned him into a leaner, stronger player with a better base on the ice. Tuch also believes that the military off ice discipline aspect really helped, along with moving away from home. The organization as a whole was just a great place to develop.


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