Column-CRPS by Kelsey

Here is a little more about me and my condition. This is a big reason why i am now in communications and starting writing this blog

The David Snape Show

Another sleepless night, that’s what is on the agenda. Flames consume my right arm pulling me deep into hell. I want to scream but my brain losses the ability to form words. Lost to the darkness that consumes me turning off all conscious thought, questioning every move, wondering if this is the day that I will let the it win. My body screams in pain; “Just lay in bed, don’t move, don’t think, don’t even take a breath,” it says. A conscious voice yells though the void, “just roll out of bed, shower you’ll feel better.” One foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other….Just get to the counter. Six bottles line the kitchen countertop, orange and white staring back at me, filling me with hope, maybe today will be the day I can live a normal life…maybe today. Sadly, this day will never come…

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