Young and McCanney to the NAHL Top Prospects Game: Read more

Photo Credit: Patrick Garriepy-Patrick Garriepy Photography

Every year, the NAHL holds a showcase for its top uncommitted prospects, and top prospects as asked for by NHL Central Scouting in conjunction with the Robertson Cup. This year the team will see two players, Jonathan Young and Liam McCanney suit up for their division as two uncommitted players ready to showcase to the NCAA why they both deserve Division One offers in a year that has been even more tough for them to be secured. Both are high energy, and effort players who can defend in their own end, with potential scoring upside in the future.

From Head Coach Bryan Eriskon, he commented on the even at large:

“It’s unfortunate that we only got 2 non goalie selections but that is a by product of not having a successful season as far as wins and losses go. But Liam and Jonathan are so deserving (as we thought a lot of players were). We are deep in the process with both and I think for anyone without a D1 commitment at this point it will be very hard. But all we can do is keep making the calls and seeing where schools are at.”

On Liam and Young’s next steps he said ” And then Liam and Younger need to go out and perform at a high level in front of all of the Coaches that will be there as we expect every school to have a representative in the building. I am happy for them both and happy that they will get the chance to perform in front of D1 schools finally. The Portal, Covid, the 5th year of eligibility,… (programs like RMU shutting down and UAH suspending their play). Now that they can see Liam and Younger in person we hope they can find a fit.”

On Anton Castro playing for the NHL Central Scouting team, Erikson added

” And Anton Castro will be representing us as well as a selection by Central Scouting. Hugo Haas was also selected but he is unable to get back into the country for the games. But we are thrilled for Anton and really looking forward to seeing him showcase his skills in front of NHL teams. ”

This weekend, although the Generals team will not be playing in Blaine, multiple players of theirs will be, all of them looking to prove they have what it takes to earn and offer, or in Castro’s situation, be selected by an NHL team next month.

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