Bryan Erikson on where the Generals are down the stretch of Training Camp: Read more

To play junior hockey, you have to show up, compete, and earn everything. Bryan Erikson has 27 players still looking to do just that as the NAHL Generals just finished up an intersquad scrimmage with the help of their NA3HL Team

Head Coach, an General Manager Bryan Erikson talked abut how well camp is going, saying that

” Scrimmage was good. Good game. 6-5 final. Nick Ramm stole the show. 3 goals including GWG with a minute left. He has had a great camp. For the NA3 Sean Gorman had a great SHG and played well. Eddie Mulligan for the 3 team was also very good all game. It was fun to see the guys play in a competitive environment that wasn’t just practice. Also important for guys not used to playing junior hockey to understand the sitting that goes on. Warm-up for 15 minutes, then sit for about 20 until puck drop. Play a period then take 17 minutes off. Gets them ready for how they will need to take care of their body and diet before, during and after a game.”

Erikson is a believer inn process and effort .His thoughts on where the group is speak to the loyalty he has for this group . The cuts to get to 25 will be tough fro

He said:

” We have 27 guys in camp. Need to be down to 25 soon but we are in no rush. Have 2 exhibition games this week on Friday and Saturday against Danbury and we will have to make some hard decisions based on those games. Ideally down to 25 before our first official games. It’s tough. Nobody has stood out as an easy cut. Everyone is making a strong case to stay here.” The Generals will get to play preseason hockey against the always physical Danbury Jr Hat Tricks. These two games should give Erikson more data, and a chance to see how his rookies are doing playing junior hockey against another team.

One big area to watch for the Generals this year is their net. .With Hugo Haas and Anton Castro currently with the Fargo Force, two more sports are open for Erikson. Carson Limesand, and Cam Kuntar are both competing to be the main starter.

On their play styles, Erikson said ” Carson is very calm in net. He doesn’t let off a lot of rebounds. Does a good job tracking pucks and has been able to make stops. Cam is very athletic and is never out of a play. He is able to get post to post very quickly while still staying square to the shooter. They both will need our patience and to play well starting the season but we are confident they both can excel at this level.”

Now the Generals have one more chance to shine for Erikson and the team this weekend before the NAHL Regular season begins. The teams that this group will be facing at the NAHL Showcase this month, combined with the rest of the league will all think their process is the best. Erikson simply focuses on promoting his team, and helping his group have fun while being accountable.

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