NA3HL Northeast Generals Player Profile: Caiden Hess

Caiden Hess is making his mark on Junior Hockey this year and has a high celing. He is being asked to step into a big role for an NA3HL team that had a lot of its Fraser Cup group move on to higher levels. Hess is a speedy forward with the capacity to put up points in bunches, and plays a strong defensive game in his own end. If he can help the NA3HL group get back in that realm, then a lot of options at the NAHL level could rise.

As Head Coach of the NAHL group Bryan Erikson said of Hess’s game ” Caiden Hess has NA potential. He could push for a spot at some point this year (a game or a few) and a potential full time role next year. But he needs to continue to improve away from the puck. My favorite part of his game is his fearlessness. He hits everything that moves even though he is an undersized forward. He takes pucks to the net very well and he can rip it. I like his speed a lot but would like him to continue to lengthen his stride.”

Player Profile Questions

Why did you decide to play hockey
“My dad played and I picked it up when I was little and I have loved it ever since.”

What is your favorite food and why?
“I love steak it’s just the best food you can eat”

What is your favorite thing about the Generals?
” I liked the facility and my coach”

Where are you from ?
“Abington, MA”

What is your favorite subject and why?
“I love history because I like to learn about how different our lives are now then along time ago.”

Tell us about the type of player you are
“I would say I play fast and really gritty.”

Which NHL player past or present do you model your game after? *
“Phil Kessel”

What is your best hockey memory?
“Winning games with my high school hockey team”

What are your goals on and off the ice this year?
“My goals are to make it to the next level and finish my senior year”

What is your favorite tv show or movie to watch?
“The boys”

Tell us one unique thing about you off the ice
“I love comic books”

What is your favorite place to go around the rink in Attleboro?
“I’m new to the Attleboro area so I don’t know yet”

What is your favorite video game or thing to do in your spare time?
I love to read comic books and play call of duty”

Who do you look up to most in your life and why?
“My grandmother who was officer in the air-force she always does the best she can no matter what”

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