Northeast Generals Player Profile: Matthew Nuzzolio

Head Coach of the NA3HL Generals, Daryl Locke, loves coaching players, and did not hold back when describing what Nuzzolio brings to the group.

He said “ Matt Nuzzolilo has been a beast of a player for us from day one. His compete level, skating, and skills are elite. Having coached him in youth hockey I knew what type of player we were getting. A great signing by our GM Bryan Erikson during the off season. Matt embodies everything we’re trying to establish here in The Generals organization, with our team first culture. What separates Matt from other players is his will to win. Matt does not except losing and never will. Matt along with Caiden Hess and Tyler Ramm have won numerous youth hockey championships with me. It’s hard to find player’s with that “it” factor. Matt is one of those players. He’s pound for pound one of the toughest players on the ice. He plays physical despite his 5’6 stature and loves the contact. He’s a high character player, who will be on scouts and college coaches lists before the season ends.” The Generals do not have any passengers in their undefeated group and Matt’s consistency is a big part of the reason why they are where they are.

Player Profile Questions and Answers

Who do you look up to most in your life and why?

I look up to my dad the most because he portrays a person that gets up and keep going no matter what has happened to him, and that is really important in life, is to not quit.”

What are your goals on and off the ice this year?

“On the ice I want to excel and become better, but overall we want to win a championship. Off the ice I want to become stronger, but I want to keep up with my education and prepare me for college.”

What is your favorite thing about the Generals?

“When you show up to the rink almost everyone wants to excel and go to the next level and there isn’t a better atmosphere than going to the rink and playing with kids who share the same passion.”

Which NHL player past or present do you model your game after?

“Recently I’ve been very intrigued in watching Cole Caufield because me and him both share the same stature for the most part, we are short, but he is fast has a great shot and plays both sides of the ice.”

Nuzzolio loves history, chicken parmesan, and learning more about how to get better in all phases of the game. His dedication to getting better and his development on and off the ice have helped his college profile improve. Where he plays next year, and how much better he can make the team this year are all linked to how much he improves.


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