Plunks: What Marshall Plunkett Means to Army West Point Hockey

Photo Credit:Mady Salvani-Army West Point Athletics

Associate Head Coach of Army West Point Hockey, Zach McKelvie took the time to discuss what Marshall Plunkett means to the program. The senior defender is one of the most improved players for this group and provides a secondary source of offense from the blue line while playing a smooth, yet truculent game at the same times. McKelvie took the time to discuss a lot of positives with Plunkett ( Plunks is his nickname). McKelvie first said of the recruitment of Plunkett.

“ When my brother was here, he mentioned Plunks after watching him once as a guy we need to track closely because of his skating and playmaking ability. So we began to watch him closely for a few months and really liked how impactful he could be on the game. He is a great skater, one of the best in the league and because of that he can create a lot of plays. He is a one man breakout! Not many guys can carry the puck out of their own zone like him!” Off the ice, Plunkett has grown a great deal in his time at West Point, as Zach added, “Plunks has always been a great person, thats one of the reasons why we wanted to get him here and are grateful he accepted. He has matured a lot and I think he has become very confident in who he is. Plunks is going to be very successful in the Army and then after in whatever he decides to do. He has this quiet confidence about him and a really good sense of humor, so people are drawn to him which will help him become a great leader in his future endeavors.” On the ice McKelvie noted that Plunkett “has had a really interesting career here in the sense that our D corps has always been really strong so at times he wasn’t always in a role that best suited the way he played. Furthermore, last year we expected him to play a ton for us but because it was such an odd year he wasn’t in some of those roles consistently that we thought he should be in. So for us the success he is having this year isn’t a surprise, he is a very talented player and he is a fun guy to watch because he can create highlights.”

After his time as a cadet ends, McKelvie added some nice things that the team will miss from Plunks’ absence. “He is just a lot of fun to be around. He can laugh at himself and has a good sense of humor. The guys love him, the coaches love him…although he doesn’t say a whole lot and just goes about his business, we are going to miss having him at the rink everyday. I can’t say enough good things about Plunks, he’s an awesome person and will be missed around here both on and off the ice.”

Plunkett had some thoughts as well. The senior defender said of why he picked West Point, At first I didn’t know much about the school…after I talked to the coaching staff for awhile.. the chance to serve my country.. it was a no brainer.”

Outside of hockey he enjoys “ the guys on the team.. we all go through the same things together.” Plunkett did mention that by far and away his favorite meal is sushi and eating it with the team is one of his favorite non school or hockey activities. Edamame, rice , shrimp tempura and spicy salmon are all his go to orders.

In his branch, the Adjutant General Coros, Plunkett will be leading key HR choices for the Army worldwide in this branch. As his Head Coach Brian Riley said, “ The same way he plays is the same way he’s going to serve.”Plunkett is happy to have his branch in part because, as he said “I’ll be able to influence a lot of peoples lives pretty directly.” He already has at West Point, and will get to influence the lives of a lot more people soon upon graduation.

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