Joey Dosan: A servant leader is going to Army West Point-Read more

Photo Credit:Springfield Jr. Blues

Joey Dosan is a big power forward who plays for the Springfield Jr. Blues. He took some time to discuss his path to his choice to attend Army West Point next season. We asked him a lot of questions and are providing our questions with his answers.

Why did you pick Army West Point ?

“The biggest reason I picked West Point is the development I’m going to get. On and off the ice, I’m constantly being pushed to my limits which will in turn make me reach my potential. I want to improve on every facet of my life and there’s no better place than West Point.”

Talk about your path to the Jr Blues, how did each of your stops develop you on and off the ice ?

“My path hasn’t been linear at all. My first stop was forgoing my senior year of high school to join Northstar Christian Academy in their inaugural season. We had a special team. I was able to grow in my faith a ton which has helped me through my journey. We had a ton of talented players, and even better friends by the end of it. Towards the end of the season I was under the impression that I was going to get drafted in the NAHL. The draft came and passed and I was not selected. Though I was disappointed, I was hopeful as I had developed a great relationship with Paul Dyck, the coach of the Steinbach Pistons in the MJHL. I then decided I was going to spend the season up north to play in Canada. I had a pretty good start to the season and gained a bit of college interest, but ended up breaking my wrist and missed over half the season. By the time I came back we had a team full of WHL and D1 guys all locked and loaded for the playoffs so I played a smaller role than before my injury which was okay because I was able to be a sponge to the advice and habits the older guys had for me. Then Covid-19 hit. I then went home and geared up for the next season. That summer I had gotten drafted by Minot and had the decision to either stay stateside or go back up, but I ended up sticking with Paul and Steinbach after a lot of thought. After a long story which involved two deportations due to Covid restrictions and working with the border agency, I finally got into Candy a few weeks into the season. After my two week quarantine, I was finally ready to play. Yet, God had a different plan as in overtime I was screening and took a one-timer from my teammate and shattering my ring finger, requiring two separate surgeries. Our season ended up getting “postponed” and instead of going to Minot, I felt like my loyalty was to Steinbach and stuck it out. With gyms and ice arenas closed I skated on an outdoor rink everyday for 3 months straight by myself and worked out at a small gym in the back of a chicken coop. When the season ended up getting officially cancelled, I was deeply disappointed. Yet, I knew I would get a chance the next season and got ready. I had my heart set on spending my last year of juniors in Steinbach. I even was away from my phone the day of the NAHL draft because I told every team in the league I wouldn’t report if they drafted me, so when I was drafted by a team I didn’t talk to I was surprised to say the least. Yet, I still was set on Steinbach. I was told my people in the hockey community to at least go to the main camp and make the trip down to see what was all about. On the last day of camp, the head coach, Tyler Rennette, took me upstairs and we had a personal, 1v1 conversation about why I needed to be here and what a special group we are going to have. I felt in that moment that God was calling me to be in Springfield and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Each one of my stops have provided me with the tools on how to prepare me to deal with adversity and become a better person. I had great coaches along the way that built me up and believed in me no matter the situation. Very grateful for my journey.”

How has your time in Springfield made you better on and off the ice ?

“It’s been masterclass my entire time here in Springfield. To the guys here, the coaches and even the billets, I’ve been extremely blessed to be here and develop in all facets of the game. Both Tyler and Todd have invested in me big time to grow as a leader and hockey player. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not came to Springfield.”

When did Army West Point first reach out and what was their pitch to you ?

“Army reached out right after my first weekend vs. Janesville. I remember talking to both Coach McKelvie and Coach Riley and felt like our conversations were authentic and real. I’m a person who values relationships and they share those same values. As the year went on, it became more and more apparent that West Point could be the place where I would end up. It became reality when I went out to visit in January. The few days I spent out on campus could only be described as special. The people I met out there were genuine and gave me the sense that they want to be different, which is very interesting to me.”

What other schools showed an interest in you ?

“There were some schools both out East and close to home that I was talking to since the showcase. I had some tours lined up for the future but I felt like it didn’t matter once I had my mind set on West Point.”

What does service mean to you ?

“An honor. I’ve seen family members and close friends who have served or currently are and I find it life giving. I believe it will be a humbling experience that I look forward to. Being able to protect and serve the best country in the world after attending the most prestigious academy in the country will be a special experience.”

What’s your goal for the rest of this season?

“Win a championship. In the summer I had my mind made up that I would head back up to Canada to play out my age out year up there, but when I came to camp this summer and I talked to Tyler, I knew we had something special here after not having lost a year last season. This year has been something I can’t really put into words. We have guys from all over, with different experiences and it’s somehow worked. Especially with the pieces we added at the deadline and guys elevating their play down the stretch, I’m confident in our ability to make a run at the Robertson Cup.”

What do you want to major in?

“Business Administration and Management”

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