NA3HL Generals give their all in Fraser Cup Semis: Read more

For Darryl Locke’s NA3HL Northeast Generals, their season has ended in the Fraser Cup Semifinal round. Locke summed up the game and the season well.

He said “I told the boys after the game it was a tough way to end the season. Granite City is a top notch organization. They’ve won multiple championships at the Tier 3 level. They have a rich history of winning. Last season’s run to the Fraser Cup was a cinderella story. We were dominated in all areas last year. We quickly realized we needed to change the mindset and composition of the team going into this season. We were successful in doing that. Players like Caiden Hess, Tyler Ramm, Matt Nuzzolilo, who won championships in youth hockey with me took the reigns. Those guys are not only great players but better people. They know what it takes to win and will do whatever they can to win. I call them throwbacks. It’s rare at this age to find these types of players and we had a few good ones. During the course of the game, I never thought we were going to lose.This entire group feeds off one another. They support each other and pick each other up. An unbreakable brotherhood. For me as a coach, it’s been a dream season. I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I’m so proud of this team and everything they stand for. Myself and The Gens Organization are better for having these players walk through our doors. The loss stings right now and hats off to Granite City for the win. At the end of the day, this group has nothing to be ashamed of. They left it all on the ice. For that I’m forever grateful!”

Now Locke and Bryan Erikson start on building the 22-23 NA3HL group right away.

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