A look back for AIC Netminder Alec Calvaruso:Read more

Photo Credit:Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

This season, the college hockey world saw history.Alec Calvaruso became the first goalie at the Division One level to earn his first shutout on his third team. The well traveled netminder never started back to back games for AIC until the postseason this year.He was instrumental in getting AIC to the postseaon to face a stacked Michigan team. While Michigan won, AIC played a tough game and earned a lot of great looks as the game moved.

Calvaruso has had some time to think about key points this year and in the postseason run and shared his thoughts with us.

On earning the net in the postseason

“If meant a lot to earn the trust of the coaches. I believed in myself all year and I think after a few games the coaches knew I was capable as well. Playoff hockey is a different game and it was nice to show what I was capable of.”

His favorite memory of the team off the ice

“My favorite memory of AIC hockey was our trip to Allentown. We were able to spend a lot of time together and do some activities that really brought us close as not just a team but as a family.”

On how his team battled against Michigan

“As the game went on against Michigan it was great to see our confidence go up. Our team knew we could beat them and as the game went on and more goes started to see that reality we really settled in and didn’t give up a goal for more than the second half of the game.”

On his pro journey

“I actually just signed with Greenville, I am here currently and looking forward to the start of my pro career. I am very thankful for the opportunity.”

On staying in the net against Michigan despite the early offense by the Wolverines

“It was great to stay in against michigan. I felt good and I think the coaches saw that. There was no way I was going out of that game and we knew we weren’t out of it by any stretch.”

Alec’s favorite thing about being a part of the AIC family

“The best thing about the AIC family is how close we were able to get. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be a part of that program should take full advantage of the privilege they are given.”

What Alec would tell someone with the chance to play for AIC

“ If I could tell someone who has an opportunity to play at AIC one thing it would be to make the most of it. It is a great program that his found great success and as long as you buy in you will contribute to the continued success of the program.”

Alec’s favorite class and teacher in the one year MBA program at AIC

“My favorite class would have to be with Leah Russell. No teacher has been that supportive of me and my teammates in all 5 years of my college career. She was at every game and even drove to Utica and Allentown to support us.”

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